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Did Martin Behaim make the first globe?

Yes, martin behaim did the first globe! please search martin behaim!! it will say yes he made the first terrestrial globe! My friends are awesome! Whoever reads this is awesome! Oh, and also add me in facebook! Arahjeamanabat@yahoo.comHope you add… Full Answer

First European to make a globe?

Martin Behaim was the first European to make a globe. In 1490 he accepted a commission to manufacture a terrestrial globe for his hometown of Nuremberg, Germany. The globe, which survived into the twenty-first century, is believed to be the… Full Answer

Who invented the first globe?

The earliest known globe was constructed by the scholar Crates of Mallus in Cilicia (now Çukurova in modern-day Turkey) around 150 BC. An ancient celestial globe that still exists was made about 150 AD as part of a sculpture, called… Full Answer

Is a globe a physical model?

yes a globe is a physical model because when you try to make it shows how you make the globe because it is hard to make the earth with out looking at a globe so it easier to make it… Full Answer