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What is a chat channel in online chat?

ok you can to find very good rooms online on these sites:, icq, facebook A chat channel in Online Chat is a way to start online chat. People usually start online chat with two different tools, one-to-one or one-to-many… Full Answer

What does ICQ number mean?

ICQ was the original internet chat client - way before MSN or any of the others. It was the first to tell you if your friends were online. Instead of forcing people to create weird user names, they simply assigned… Full Answer

What are some popular chat lines in the US?

Some popular chat lines in the U.S. include TalkCity, ICQ, Paltalk, TinyChat, and Spinchat. A popular chat line for teens is Teenspot. Each of these has many different chat rooms in their sites covering almost any topic of interest.

What is the function of a chat room?

A chat room is designed so many people can comment and chat between each other at the same time. All members of the chat room can see all chats unless the settings are specifically changed for that chat.