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What is customer service?

Customer Service is the service provided to customers before,during, and after purchasing and using goods and services.
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What is a customer service?

Customer Service refers to a department found within most business that deal with client issues, such as questions, complaints, etc. To be considered an above-average customer ( Full Answer )
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What are the functions of a public relations assistant or customer service asssistant?

One popular way to describe the process of Public Relations and to remember its components, is to use the RACE acronym, first articulated by John Marston in his book " The Nat ( Full Answer )
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How High staff turnover related to good customer service?

Answer . If you can't retain staff, that means that everybody you have will be new and not fully trained. This will result in a lower proficency in customer service until y ( Full Answer )
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How do you think customer perception is related to service evaluation?

How the customer sees the service is everything when it comes to service evaluations. Even when you do the perfect song and dance for the customer, or totally flop, every cust ( Full Answer )
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What is Customer Servicing?

Please - this is a family website. Okay, actually the 'related link' is supposed to define it.
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Who is a customer service or customer relations officer?

This is the person who oversees customer service in general. The "officer" is the person who determines customer service policy - for example, how far the company can go to sa ( Full Answer )
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How does customer service benefit customers?

Yes, when a customer can get it what does customers service mean to you? By personal and interpersonal skills such as communication skills,listening skills,language,gestures ( Full Answer )
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What is Customer Care and Customer Service?

customer service stems from motivated customers who want to reach their goal. What is their goal? In what way can I help them to reach their goal. Once you have laid out a lon ( Full Answer )
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What are customers and customer service?

A customer is a person who buys goods or services from the service provider. This may also refer to any potential buyer. The word "custom" means "habit", a person who goes to ( Full Answer )
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Who is a customer relation officer?

A customer relation officer is someone who represents a business. This person is the spokesperson actually the correct name is public relations. This person handle all of the ( Full Answer )
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Qualities of a customer service officer?

A customer service officer puts the needs of the clients abovetheir own. They seek solutions and diffuse difficult situations.
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What does a custom officer do?

a custom officer makes sure that goods that come into the country are genuine and duties are beign payed for
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What is customer care and customer services?

Well I am afraid I don't know what "customer care" is but I am guessing it mean's that people that work at a perticular store that they will take care of you e.g, get you more ( Full Answer )
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How many customer do directv have?

well in the last year we signed up over 4 million people and of those there is a 1.5% turn rate which means 1.5 people of 100 cancel service after their first two year contrac ( Full Answer )
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What does a customer relation officer do?

A customer relations officer acts as a go-between when the customeris unhappy. A customer relations officer will try to solve problemswith customers before they get to the cor ( Full Answer )
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How is empathy defined in relation to customer service?

Customers want to be understood. For someone in customer service,it is important to be able to empathize with your customer. Thiswill make them feel confident and understood.
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What does customer service mean to a customer?

When a customer enters your establishment regardless of the serviceyou provide, they are coming to you for one reason, your help. Howhelpful are you willing to be for this cus ( Full Answer )
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What customer service do you have?

WikiAnswers cannot answer questions that are designed specifically for you to answer. Your interviewer wants to know your personal experience. We do not know what customer ser ( Full Answer )
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What organisational practices and procedures relate to customer services?

When it comes to delivering good customer service you should always adhere to the practices and procedures of your organization by following certain guidelines. For example: ( Full Answer )
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Why is customer service important to the customers?

A satisfied one-time buyer will notonly turn into a loyal customer, s/he will most probably recommendyour business to their family and friends and put in a good word ofmouth w ( Full Answer )
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What is customer satisfaction in customer service?

Customer satisfaction is a positivefeeling of a customer toward their experience with your business. A satisfied one-time buyer will not only turn into a loyal customerbut wi ( Full Answer )
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Where are Orange customer services offices located?

Orange mobile services is located in Rotherham England. There are telephone numbers to call if you are not in the local to visit them in person or you can write them to their ( Full Answer )
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How customer service relate to other department?

first of all customer service representative is a needed person for all types of departments of the Airport. They are the most important circle of all events which is happenin ( Full Answer )
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How many customers does DirecTV have in South Dakota?

It would be difficult to give a definite number of customersbecause it would always be changing as DirecTV would be adding andremoving customers on a daily basis. As of Decemb ( Full Answer )