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How do you get a girl back that turned bisexual and says that she just wants to be friends but you really loved her?

Answer You must really love this girl if you have gone through the shock of finding out she is bisexual. However, don't sell yourself short and although some men would love t ( Full Answer )
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Is tap water really clean?

Answer . it all deppends on the water source, like the water in Mexico is not safe to drink it wont kill you just make you very sick. if you have well water chances are t ( Full Answer )
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What is the quietest brand of dishwasher that gets the dishes the cleanest?

The most quiet dishwasher in the local retail market is a Bosch, going as low as 40dba. However, Bosch is a German-designed dishwasher, which means some cookware may be diffic ( Full Answer )
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Which soap cleans dishes best?

Many brands of detergents clean dishes very well. There are different fragrances to choose from but the most expensive does not clean the best. You can even use plain old clea ( Full Answer )
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How do you remove and clean the seat on a dish chair?

The method to remove and clean the seat on a dish chair will dependon how it is attached. Some of these types of chairs have the coversnapped on. Pull the snaps apart. If the ( Full Answer )
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Why has your dishwasher stopped cleaning the dishes?

Many times this caused by food particles clogging the screen orblocking the jets on the spray arms. Find the screen in the bottomof your machine and clean it out. If this does ( Full Answer )
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Does dish soap clean pennies?

I was doing a experiment with pennies for science seeing how dish soap reacts pennies and everything blew up
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How does palmolive clean dishes?

Palolive is a chemical bound. It has a hydrophilic and a lipophilic part. Hydrophilic means that Palmovive can dissolve in Water while lipophilic means thet it can be dissol ( Full Answer )
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Can cold water clean dishes?

It can, but hot water works better because it helps to dissolve grease and hardened food better than cold.
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Can ovens be cleaned with dish soap?

Dish soap is not likely to have much effect. Oven cleaners use a foam solution very strong with ammonia and lye (sodium hydroxide). The foam helps to keep the solution from dy ( Full Answer )
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Does oxi clean really works?

yes oxie clean works because i have used it befor and it worked plus billy mays made it you know he always makes good stuff
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What dish soap cleans tombstone?

NEVER use household cleaners like Dawn, Woolite or even plain water They will all cause staining over time. Use a plastic or wooden scraper, carefully remove as much lichen a ( Full Answer )
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Why dishes on top shelf of dishwasher dont clean?

When your dishwasher begins to leave food particles on your dishes either on the top or bottom racks, your filter needs to be removed and cleaned out in the sink, then replace ( Full Answer )
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Can you use dish soap to clean a pool?

I wouldn't. If it was good to clean a pool with, it would be called "Dish and Pool Soap". Pools should be cleaned with materials specifically designed to clean pools - they ha ( Full Answer )
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Does Trident really clean your teeth?

From personal experience I can say that when my mouth feels gross, like theirs plaque on my teeth, if I chew some Trident, Orbitz, or a few other select gums it does help get ( Full Answer )
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What can be used to clean dishes when there is no dish soap?

obviously with washing powder. use only a little bit, a teaspoon or so. If that's not available, let them soak and then rinse in fairly hot water. This will get rid of every ( Full Answer )
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How do you clean your really dirty flute?

first of all you should have something to clean it with but if you don't you should get a moist towel and clean it gently..
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When waste water clean is it really clean?

They are three types of waste water 1. Industrial waste water 2. Black water (Toilets) 3. Grey water (Domestic waste water) Out of those Black water is not treated and the re ( Full Answer )
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Is dish soap good for cleaning puppies?

I would use any mild shampoo you have around. Dish soap might be a little too harsh on the skin. I've used even uncented Aveeno body wash when my dog had a bad rash from flea ( Full Answer )
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How do you really clean a disc when it has a scratch on it?

USE BABY OIL!!!!!!!!!!! pour it on the scratched side of the disc and use a cotton ball, cotton swabs, or GENTLY with your fingers to rub it around on the disc. start from the ( Full Answer )
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Is it clean for a dog to lick your face?

No. It is not true that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a humans. Every time a dog is let outside they find a lot of dirty things to get into. If you have bunnies running throug ( Full Answer )
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What is really clean?

If no dirt of any kind can either be seen or felt, that is really clean.
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What cleans a really dirty oven?

If you have a very dirty oven, Easy Off oven cleaner can help you clean it. Easy Off is a very strong cleaner for fighting grease and build up that can be found inside your ov ( Full Answer )
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Can dish soap and water clean a penny?

Make a paste with baking soda and water, scrub with soft toothbrushand rinse-that is better.