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What is baby phat best known for?

phat/fat/ Adjective:Excellent. Baby "phat" is all about babies being excellent at what they do. They crawl about and laugh and cry, and without phat, they would no longer be babies. Baby phats are best known for crying.

Where can you shop for baby phat?

Try the website or if you have any urban stores that are near you, baby phat will surely be there. but the best places to shop for baby phat are online, just look it up.

Who wears Baby Phat?

Baby Phat is an upscale, urban fashion designer. Those people who care about brand names and have money to burn tend to wear Baby Phat and similar brands.

What is Phat Jesus?

Phat Jesus is the most excellent, attractive model of Love and Wholeness. His "Phat-ness" comes because of his clear and perfect awareness of his oneness with God. It is his christhood that makes him phat. The Christ is a term… Full Answer