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What is tertiary insurance?

Tertiary insurance is the 3rd insurance policy responsible for payment. Example... Medicare, primary payor Blue Cross Blue Shield, secondary payor Aetna, tertiary payor

Is payor an American spelling?

Definitions of Payor on the Web: The maker of a payment One who makes payments. The party that issues the transfer. It is an English word, I don't know if it spelled differently in England than in… Full Answer

What is the definition of a 'payor'?

A payment is the transfer of wealth from one party (such as a person or company) to another. A payer is the party making a payment. The payee is the party receiving the payment.

How can you lose alimony?

Where the former spouse-payor proves to the court that a change in circumstances on the part of the former spouse-payee has occurred such that it should no longer be lawful that the former spouse-payor should continue to be required to… Full Answer

A person who writes the check?

The person who writes a check is called the payor. Or in the case of my brother, a sucker, when he writes another check for his girlfriend.

What is a third party payor?

An organization other than the patient, first party or health care provider, second party, involved in the financing of personal health services (insurance company).

Why should indent the statement in the body of a loop?

For readability. In some languages (python), the indent is required syntactically. it is easier to read: for (condition) { statement; statement; statement; } then: for (condition){ statement; statement; statement; } or: for (condition){statement;statement;statement;}

What is the syntax of the if statement?

clearly: if (<condition>) <statement> or if (<condition>) <statement> else <statement> In each case, <statement> can be a null statement, a single statement, or a block of statements surrounded by braces, {}.