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What do little mice eat?

Little mice eat small tubers and left over starchy foods. Mice arecommon in areas where there is a lot of decaying food. They like tohide in markets so that they can feed on t ( Full Answer )
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How do TV networks know what shows you watch?

They know based on the Nielsen Ratings. These are basically an estimate based on a sample audience chosen by Nielsen. About 5,000 homes nationwide are hooked up with televis ( Full Answer )
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When can you put baby mice with older mice?

You shouldn't put older mice with younger mice. It usually causes fighting. If you must put them together, give them their own little housing area, take them out of the cage t ( Full Answer )
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Can mice remember?

yes i think so, like if it is harmed with a sertan thing they may shy away from it and small things lkike that. also they can remember thing realy well like mazes and were ser ( Full Answer )
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If you were a kid what TV show would you watch?

If I was a girl I would watch: Victorious, Shake it up, Hannah Montana Forever, Icarly,and Wizards of Waverly Place. If I were a boy I would watch: Codename kids nextdoor, Sp ( Full Answer )
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What is the 90s tv show called where there is a guy who teaches you how to draw. theres a little creature called doodlebug. i cannot remember the nammme. it must be from the 90s or early 2000s?

The only art-instruction television program I can recall was Jon Gnagy"s Learn To Draw ( possibly given some other handles such as Jon Gnagy"s Art class or studio) in differen ( Full Answer )
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Does anyone remember a children's story from a around the 1950's called The little wee hairy man?

I remember the title of the story - I used to drive my father potty with it by asking my dad to read it to me as a bedtime story EVERY night! It came out of a book of other st ( Full Answer )
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Why are mice called mice?

The term, mice , is the plural form of mouse. The word, mouse, is derived from the original Sanskrit word, mus , which is still used today in classification. It meant thief ( Full Answer )
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Do you remember a TV show which only had dogs acting all the parts- They were dressed in clothing and it was a little bit like a Dallas take-off?

The show is called TV Funhouse. It is a spin-off of Saturday TV Funhouse on SNL. The show originally aired in 2000 and only had 8 episodes. Thankyou but that's not the show ( Full Answer )
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How can you encourage others to watch little TV?

It is good to watch less tv because you won't need to get glasses that soon and it is better for your eyesight. also if you watch tv very often then one you might turn blind
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Why is the story called Of Mice and Men?

The title is taken from a Robert Burn's poem titled "To A Mouse." In the poem, a plow overturns a mouse's burrow, to which Burns writes, "The best laid plans of mice and men o ( Full Answer )
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What is the full story for the TV series Pretty Little Liars?

It seems like only yesterday that Hanna Marin, Alison "Ali" DiLaurentis, Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, and Emily Fields were carefree, fun-loving seventh graders at posh ( Full Answer )
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What little kid TV show starts with the letter v?

Valley of the Dinosaurs . Vault Disney . Vegetable Soup . Villa Alegre . Voltron . Victorious . VeggieTales
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What Romans called little mice on a body?

In medical Latin little mice on the body meant muscles. The origin of the word muscle is the Latin word musculus (plural musculi) which meant little mouse/rodent: mus + the ( Full Answer )
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What happened to the tv show little bear?

It was also shown on Nick Jr UK and on Tiny Pop. Thedirect-to-video/DVD full-length feature film The Little Bear Moviewas released in 2001, after the TV series.
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Is my little pony a tv show?

Yes. In addition to the toy line, My Little Pony has had several TVshows, including the currently running My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic.