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Do dogs smile?

Ask an expert on dog behavior why dogs smile, and you may get a somewhat complicated answer involving submissive behavior, automatic responses, etc. They often ruefully conclu ( Full Answer )
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Why do you smile?

You smile because the body has a sense of happiness, which activates your nerves and pulls your mouth into the most relaxing state possible: the smile! * You smile when yo ( Full Answer )
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How do you smile?

Look on the bright side of life, think good things, be happy, do something you enjoy and you may not even know it but you are smiling!
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What is SMILES?

SMILES is a way of representing chemical structures using (fairly)short ASCII strings. It stands for Simplified Molecular Input LineEntry System and was developed as a way for ( Full Answer )
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What is a smile?

It is a physical expression of pleasure which shows on the face, usually with an upturn of the lips, and it may show in the cheeks and eyes as well.A smile is a facial express ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms of smile?

Most synonyms of smile have other connotations: -- "grin" is fairly close --"beamed" can be used for past tense (smiled) -- "smirk" implies condescension or mischief
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Why are you smiling?

you smile because you are happy at something or excited. Maybe u like concerts. If u go to one, then you might be smiling. You use more muscles than frowning, but it is worth ( Full Answer )
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How TO Smile?

Enjoy the benefit of smiling. . Be confident when you smile(practice). . Make your smile genuine. . Think happy thoughts. . Smile with your eyes. . Maintain your mouth hy ( Full Answer )
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Who wrote smile and the world smiles with you?

Doug Gillet. Not the entire song. Charlie Chaplin wrote atleast part of it. I know he composed the music. Not sure about the lyrics.
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When you smile the world smile with you?

you remind me of a child, that have a lot of question but all of them can not be answer in a day. all i no that i am a good person and i sorry that i couldn't answer you right ( Full Answer )
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Just smile and smile smile smile for you song?

yes this is ridiculous whenever you are singing. It is great to have a party when your tired, especially by yourself. I would consider a donkey for a pet if you are over the a ( Full Answer )
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Who sang Smile?

The wonderful song "smile" was written by, and first sang by, Charlie Chaplin. Afterward countless singers have sang this song including Barbara Streisand.
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Who sang 'Smile a little smile'?

The Flying Machine is best known for its major hit single in 1969, "Smile a Little Smile For Me", which peaked at number 5 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100chart (on Kapp Records' ( Full Answer )
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Who sang Michael Jackson's favorite song Smile?

Charlie Chaplin sang the original Smile. Michael also did a cover of it on his HIStory album. Hope this helps. God Bless. RIP Michael Jackson :D
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How do you make smilely?

push: shift and the Two little dots on your keyboard. then shift again and the number zero ( or 0 )
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Do kangaroos smile?

I not so sure they do but once I was with them and one defiantly winked at me.
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Is it good to smile?

Yes,it is pleasant to smile,but you have to know when to smile and when to be serious.
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How to smile if your sad?

Sad can go away and so can smiles. If something makes you feel sad, then it's okay to show a sad face. Some people can't smile when they are crying and are sad. Some can smile ( Full Answer )
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What is a rye smile?

A smile with rye seed on it. Did you mean 'What is a wry smile?'
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What kind of smile is a dry smile?

I think its a smile without warmth or emotion, meant for people you don't like. Well, that's as close as I can put it :/
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How many smiles are there?

There are many kinds of smiles... some are... waking up after a very bumpy crazy night... some are when u get a lil high on ur daily dose of "magic mushrooms" smiles come in ( Full Answer )
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One may smile and smile and smile and still be villain?

Said by Hamlet in Act 1, Scene 5: "...O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain! My tables,--meet it is I set it down, That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain; ( Full Answer )
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Can sharks smile?

Not really, but when they open their mouths, sometimes it looks like they are smiling.
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Why do guys smile at you?

There are so many reasons why guys smile at u but the top are: *They like u and are into u *They did something to u or but something on you're back * There's something o ( Full Answer )
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Who else sang sara smile?

Hall & Oates; Jimmy Wayne; Brian McKnight; The Bird & The Bee; After 7; Joan Osbourne; Latimore; Boney James; (Tufts') Beelzebubs; Alex Bugnon; Latimore; Lenny Williams; The M ( Full Answer )
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How do you smile without smiling?

Some people believe that you can smile with your eyes. Eyes definitely show emotion. Also, body language can express happiness without having a smile on your face.
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Who sang the song Make Me Smile?

Make Me Smile is a great song released in the 1970's. The song was written by James Pankow. This song was written for the old rock band Chicago. Make Me Smile became a big hit ( Full Answer )
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Who sang the song 'Can't Smile Without You'?

The song 'Can't Smile Without You' was sung by The Carpenters and was released in 1977. It was also released as a single by Barry Manilow in 1978, and is one of his most famou ( Full Answer )
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How can i Smile?

it is the musle's in your lipe's that can make you grin when yousay e.
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How do we smile?

How do we smile is often an asked question. We smile because we arehappy. The way we smile is in our mouths, we have a series ofmuscles. Facial ones. When we are happy our bra ( Full Answer )