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What's the song in Nokia's L'Amour advertisement and who sings it?

Answer . \nLPG - Belly Rollercoaster. Answer . Thank you !! but sorry, it's not. It's sung by a woman.\n. \n Answer . The composer, the vocalist, the campaign d ( Full Answer )
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Who sings the song for the butlins tv advertisement?

The advert is a re-record of Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows, originally sung by Lesley Gore it was recreated for the advert by The Way Out, and is sung by Corrina Greyson.
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Who sings the current song Cinderella?

There were songs named "Cinderella" by the following : Britney Spears (2001) Sweetbox (2001) Shakaya (2002) The group "i5", whose song was covered by Play, the Cheetah Girls ( Full Answer )
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Who sings the CSL advertisement song?

The Advert song is. Regina Spektor - Fidelity . [ it isnt, i never loved no body truelly. that is a lyric line. NOT! the tittle of the album or song.! ]
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Why do the BBC have no advertisements?

The BBC is funded by the sale of television licences (you haveto have a TV licence to watch TV in the UK). Other broadcastershave to find other sources of funding, and many do ( Full Answer )
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Who is singing hallelujah on the current BBC advert?

THE SONG HALLELUJAH IS SUNG BY JEFF BUCKLY, ONE OF MANY ARTISTS WHO HAVE RECORDED IT.. But it was Leonard Cohen who wrote and recorded the song originally.
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What song is played in the waitrose Christmas advertisement?

The 21-year-old soprano singer is Camilla Kerslake. She is creating a real frisson of excitement and anticipation, with her rare, elusive, one-of-a-kind classical voice. Wait ( Full Answer )
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The advertisement for direct tv for channel 101 - who is singing the song?

The song is called California Soul by Marlena Shaw. It's on YouTube.. +++++++ I listen to this song, and it's close but the real song is located at;. http://www.soulseductio ( Full Answer )
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Who will play robin in BBC Robin Hood series 3?

Robin hood on BBC is played by Jonas Armstrong and he willcontinue to play that role However, Jonas Armstrong will not be on season 4. . Neither will Keith Alan ( The Sheri ( Full Answer )
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When is the BBC-HBO series The passion being shown in America?

Early speculation was that it would be shown Easter 2009, but there has been no word on this from HBO and it looks very unlikely that it will be on this Easter. On the assumpt ( Full Answer )
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What is the song being played on the Comedy Central advertisement for Two And A Half Men?

I want to know so bad! it's stupid that comedy central can't just say!!! Here a link to the commercial - or ( Full Answer )
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The music from BBC iplayer advertisement?

I think its Muses cover of "Can't keep my eyes of you" Actually it's: Alexi Murdoch - All My Days
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A professional athlete appears in a commerical in which she sings a short song that is associated with the company for which she is advertising What advertising techniques are being used in this comm?

A professional athlete appears in a commercial in which she sings ashort song that is associated with the company for which she isadvertising. The advertising techniques are b ( Full Answer )
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What is the song playing on BBC trailer for Accused?

It sounded like the opening bars of the 'Muse' song which starts with arpeggios played on the keyboard. Stina Nordenstam - Crime from the Album 'And She Closed Her Eyes'
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Who sings the song for the tea advertisement on the boat?

The advert is Twinings and the song is Wherever You Will Go by Charlene Soraia. It is originally sung by The Calling but the one you want is by Charlene. Hope this helps.
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Who sings the song on the science chanel advertising fringe?

(Mary Poppins) "Chim-Chim Cher-ee" Chim Chimney -Turin Brakes if you sync your writing with the music, the word 'chim' corresponds to the --, the number 2, when written wit ( Full Answer )
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Who sings the song advertising itv drama 2013?

There are two songs, one is Ellie Goulding - Explosion and the other is sung by Birdy - People help the People.
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Why DO the BBC have advertising breaks?

The BBC does not have advertising breaks. This is because they gettheir funding through the government, and so they don't need toraise money through advertising. They also sel ( Full Answer )