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Has the TV show Friday Night Lights been renewed for a second season?

Yes. The show has actually been renewed for a third season. It will come back in October 2008 on DirecTV, and then it will come back on NBC after the Super Bowl. The NBC versi ( Full Answer )
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What is the song in the Life is Wild tv promo?

part of the lyrics i know the part they sing has something to do with "say you never you turn your back never coming back" I'm not sure if all of that is right but close enou ( Full Answer )
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Who sings the song for the latest Mars bar TV commercial?

New Mars Advert - 'Take Part' Featuring the song 'Make It Better' (Released on iTunes Feb 18th) Performed by Gary Nock - Written by Levi Weave ( Full Answer )
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What is the song in the CBS moonlight tv promo?

Which one? There's one I'm trying to find that goes "i am sorry for the things I've done can you forgive me now..." does anyone know what that's called? I've been hearing that ( Full Answer )
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What is the Friday night lights song?

The TV drama "Friday Night Lights" revolves around the story of afootball team from (fictional) Dillon Texas. The show's theme songis "Your Hand in Mine" by Explosions in the ( Full Answer )
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Who sings the theme song for Big Love commercial on tv?

"Lies" by The Black Keys Are you referring to the blues song with lyrics "There's a stone where my heart used to be)? that seems to be playing with the Big Love promo ? ( Full Answer )
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Who sings the song in the Chrysler town and country commercial?

The commercial is technically the 2011 Chrysler Town and Country "Touring", Big Finish 2011 promo and the commercial's background song is sung by the "Selected of God" choir, ( Full Answer )
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The advertisement for direct tv for channel 101 - who is singing the song?

The song is called California Soul by Marlena Shaw. It's on YouTube.. +++++++ I listen to this song, and it's close but the real song is located at;. http://www.soulseductio ( Full Answer )
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Friday night lights commercial song?

When the lights go out By The Black Keys. Is the Friday Night Lights commercial song for 2010. Check out Chop and Change also by The Black Keys..both are great songs!!!
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Who sings Lenscrafter commercial tv theme song?

I"m seeing Donovan "Colours" on a couple of other sites. And, Donovan was my guess when I heard the song in the ad. However, I don't have a confirmation of that.
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Directv tv 101 commercial song 2009?

"Make My Day" by artist: Waldeck I believe is the song youre referring to. Nice Beat. Took me a couple of days to find it.
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Who sings the song on the corona light commercial?

I know one of the new ones, that they show during NFL games, is Jesse Harris, "The Secret Sun". You should be able to find it on Amazon. The reggae-sounding song is "Say He ( Full Answer )
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Who sings the song on the current deadliest catch commercials?

the song used for the new deadliest catch video is not Eddie vedder not at all so stop telling people that it is its ain't no grave by jhony cash that's the new song on the ne ( Full Answer )
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When does Friday Night Lights air on TV?

Friday Night Lights has aired since October of 2006 up until October of 2010. It usually broadcasted on primetime on the channel network ABC. Re-runs and shorts may still be s ( Full Answer )