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What is the BBC?

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is the world's largest broadcaster. . Unlike other broadcasters, it is a public service based quasi-autonomous statutory corporat ( Full Answer )
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Whats the theme tune for BBC coast documentry?

The Coast music was specially composed by Alan Parker and is performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, it is not commercially available at present.
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How do you play the games on the BBC Doctor Who website?

Go to the BBC Doctor Who homepage, "", then you will see a bar at the top. Click on "games". There will be a list of games, all of which will ( Full Answer )
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Where is the bbc?

The BBC has several stake holders, the British Public, the British Government, the people who listen to the international broadcasts, the program makers, the actors and the BB ( Full Answer )
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What is the bang bang music on current BBC trailer?

Nancy Sinatra "Bang Bang". Cher originally recorded the song, but the version by Nancy Sinatra has received lots of airplay recently.. The BBC trailer uses the remix by Audi ( Full Answer )
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Who is singing hallelujah on the current BBC advert?

THE SONG HALLELUJAH IS SUNG BY JEFF BUCKLY, ONE OF MANY ARTISTS WHO HAVE RECORDED IT.. But it was Leonard Cohen who wrote and recorded the song originally.
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When is the BBC-HBO series The passion being shown in America?

Early speculation was that it would be shown Easter 2009, but there has been no word on this from HBO and it looks very unlikely that it will be on this Easter. On the assumpt ( Full Answer )
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What is the music from the latest BBC advert about an upcoming natural history programme with David Attenborough?

Ludovico Einaudi - I Giorni If you mean the trailer for the documentary series Life, which included a shot of a lizard running on water, then the music is by ES Posthumus a ( Full Answer )
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Who sings the theme tune to BBC drama moving on?

According to the credits, some bloke called Chris O'Neil, who may be the same one who played George Harrison in Backbeat (although his voice sounds more like Paul McCartney to ( Full Answer )
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How do you play BBC mp4 files?

Right click on the MP4 file and select Open With from the menu which will show you available software that will play the file.
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How do you get on BBC?

You type in in your browser and it will take you to the home page
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What is the song playing on BBC trailer for Accused?

It sounded like the opening bars of the 'Muse' song which starts with arpeggios played on the keyboard. Stina Nordenstam - Crime from the Album 'And She Closed Her Eyes'
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When is season 5 of hero's being shown on BBC?

I'm sorry to say that Heroes was canceled after the 4th season (5th Volume) and they will not air another season. They are however planning on making a 2 hour long final episo ( Full Answer )
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Why are there adverts on ITV Channel 4 and other channels but not on BBC channels?

The BBC is a nationally owned broadcaster. In 1929 it received a royal charter to broadcast to the Unitied Kingdom without charge to the viewers. It receives its funding thro ( Full Answer )
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What shows play on BBC urdu?

BBC Urdu offers the latest news, including news programs. BBC Urdu also offers an app which converts the latest news into Urdu text so Urdu speakers can keep up to date on wo ( Full Answer )
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What does the BBC stand for in BBC children?

BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. BBC Children, or British Broadcasting Corporation Children, is a division of this corporation responsible for children's progr ( Full Answer )