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Who sings the song in the Fosters advert?

Answer . \nFind the name and artist of any current TV commerical song here:\n. \n\n. \n~ T
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How do you sing in tune?

to sing in tune it is very hard because most people cant sing in tune but to sing in tune you just use your voice
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Who sings in the Kia Spectra advert?

The Kia Spectra advertisement was sung by the folksy voice of JoePurdy. The jingle title is I Just Can't Seem To Get It Right Today.
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Who sings the new coke advert?

If you are referring to the new one shown in Dec 2010 then it is by Train and it's called Shake Up Christmas.
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Who sings the hpv vaccine advert?

its by a 21 year old songwriter.... Micachu...check her out on last FM -
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Who sings the song for the surf advert?

The latest one where the girl in walking under the covers of a giant bed is by Lisa Mitchell and is called Neopolitan Dreams.. Can be viewed on u-tube at ( Full Answer )
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Who is singing hallelujah on the current BBC advert?

THE SONG HALLELUJAH IS SUNG BY JEFF BUCKLY, ONE OF MANY ARTISTS WHO HAVE RECORDED IT.. But it was Leonard Cohen who wrote and recorded the song originally.
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Who sings the song on the Waitrose advert?

The new version of Elton John's 'Your Song'track is performed by BRIT Award winner Ellie Goulding, and produced in collaboration with Ben Lovett from Mumford and Sons.
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Who sings the song on the next advert?

The song that is featured on the new Next advert May 2009 is called The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani.
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Who sings the theme tune to BBC drama moving on?

According to the credits, some bloke called Chris O'Neil, who may be the same one who played George Harrison in Backbeat (although his voice sounds more like Paul McCartney to ( Full Answer )
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Who sings the song on cls advert?

it's some thing like 'how beautiful to know.. how you make me feel, how you make me feel real... auto-erotic..." but i dont actually know the song name :P sorry x
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What is the apprentice theme tune?

The song is called "For the Love of Money." It was originallyperformed in 1973 by the Ohio based group, the O'Jays.
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Who sings on the barclaycard advert?

The current ad (Rollercoaster) is More Than a Feeling by Boston; the prevous ad (Waterslide) was Let Your Love Flow by The Bellamy Brothers...
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What is the broom tune in the sorcerers apprentice?

The French composer Paul Dukas wrote the theme heard as the brooms multiply in the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" section of Disney's Fantasia. It is the main theme of his sympho ( Full Answer )
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What is the apprentice tv advert music?

Montagues and Capulets from Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev Found it from the linked page
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Who sings the song for the butlins advert?

The soundtrack to the ad is Dust in the Wind, originally recorded by the US rock band Kansas and re-recorded by the Cape Verdean artist Sança
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What is the tune on the justice a citizens guide advert?

Vladimir's Blues by Max Richter from The Blue Notebooks It was used very effectively in the BBC adaptation of A ShropshireLad read by Simon Russell Beal and I have been tryin ( Full Answer )
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What is the song at the end of apprentice 2012 advert?

Sinnerman, Nina Simone - I used the Shazam App on Android to find it, if you're referring to 'The Apprentice' Starting on Wednesday 21st March 2012, Yes :)
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Who sings in the new 02 advert?

The song 'Little Boxes' is an old hit from 1960's, that has been reworked for the ad.