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When was wollaton hall built?

It was started in 1580 and completed in 1588 for Sir Francis Willoughby (1547-1596) and is believed to be by the Elizabethan architect, Robert Smythson (also the architect of Hardwick Hall). The building is of Ancaster stone from Lincolnshire, and… Full Answer

What famous person has the name Robert?

Robert DeNiro, actor Robert Redford, actor Robert Reed, actor, aka Mike Brady, The Brady Bunch Robert Frost, American Poet Robert Plant, musician, Led Zepplin Robert Palmer, English singer "Simply Irresistible" Robert Blake, aka Baretta Robert Young, aka Marcus Welby MD… Full Answer

What is the actor Robert's last name?

Actors with the first name Robert: Robert Blake Robert Conrad Robert De Niro Robert Downey Jr. Robert Duvall Robert Pattinson, had a role as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter movie Robert Young, aka Marcus Welby, MD, 70's TV series

Who is Saint Robert?

There are a number of saints named Robert, including St. Robert Bellarmine and St, Robert Lawrence. Please be more specific.