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Who sang the song Letter To Me?

The song "Letter To Me" was sung by Brad Paisley. Paisley is an American singer and song-writer whose style consists mainly of southern rock and country music.

Who wrote the song nobody knows it?

Tony Rich originally wrote, played, sang, and recorded the song in 1995 on his debut album in LaFace studios in Atlanta, GA. Kevin Sharp (country singer) and a few others have sang the song since. But I still think Tony… Full Answer

Who sang the song Cocaine Blues?

Johnny Cash sang the song Cocaine Blues. Although he is the singer most associated with this song, other singers have sang it. It was originally sang by Red Arnall. It has also been sang by artist such as Woody Guthrie… Full Answer

Who sang the song Through the Years?

The most popular singer with these lyrics is country music icon and Country Music Hall of Fame member Kenny Rogers. The song was released in 1981 and produced by Lionel Richie of The Commodores fame.

Who wrote the song Rhinestone Cowboy?

The song Rhinestone Cowboy is wrote by Larry Weis, a Brooklyn song writter and famously recorded by American Country Music Singer Glen Campbell. Another great and famous song of the writer is 'Bend me, shape me'.