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What is needed to raise a Jeep?

if by raise u mean off the ground then that is easy just use a bunch of pulleys and a really really big rope oh yeah and also use a heavy box or something. attach the rope to the jeep… Full Answer

What is the verb for attachment?

The verb for attachment is attach. .Attaches, attaching and attached are also verbs. "I will attach the rope to the car". "He attaches the magnets to the fridge".

What is cylindrical object?

That means that the object has the shape of a cylinder. Examples include some cups (if you forget about the handle), and tins used to store food.

What is voice recognization?

Voice recognition is the process to identify the person or object which can be a primary cause to the generation of that Voice. Generally it is used in audio tapes recognition to identify the person whose voice is that.