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What is an anaerobic workout?

An anaerobic workout is a high intensity, short burst of activity whereby the amount of oxygen needed by the body is much more than the amount of oxygen that is available. Energy stores are then retrieved from the muscles to… Full Answer

What is an example of warming up?

Warming your body up before a big workout is important so that your muscles aren't shocked by sudden strenuous activity. Some people stretch or jog before a big workout.

Why is baseball a healthy exercise?

Because you spend time being outdoors and active. The cardiovascular workout won't be as strenuous as more fast-paced sports, but being up, out and moving around for hours on end to practice or play is great for your body.

What does it mean to vary a workout?

Your muscles will get used to your workout after a time and you will not make gains like you could/should. Change or vary your workout every month (or more often) by using a new routine or set of exercises. Your… Full Answer

How do you recovery from exercise?

After you exercise you need to keep you body fueled and hydrated. Workout before a meal so you don't get cramps. Then after your workout you can give your body what it needs to repair such as proteins. Nutrition is… Full Answer