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How do you change the compressor in a 98 Honda Civic?

I assume you mean A/C compressor. first of all you should take your car to an authorized mechanic that has an EVAC system to capture the freon. If yours has all leaked out, or ( Full Answer )
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Does a 1991 Honda CRX Si no ac have a cooling fan relay?

Answer . The AC system on that year was actually dealer install only, Honda didn't ship any with A/C. To answer your question, yes. The cooling fan relay is located behind ( Full Answer )
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Why won't a cooling fan turn on 1996 Honda Civic?

There could be 3 or 4 reasons for this... First, check the simplest thing, the fuse. Next, check for a faulty fan thermostat or damaged wiring to the fan. Lastly, it's possibl ( Full Answer )
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How do you replace the radiator cooling fan motor on 2002 Honda civic lx?

Answer . \nunscrew unplug remove& rescrew replug reinstall:)\n. \nalso\n. \neveryone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the local library should have a SHOP man ( Full Answer )
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How do you reset your Honda Civic Si compressor?

it sounds kind of weird, but i have a 99 si and it won't run the compressor unless there's a certain pressure in the system, and you can't get pressure in the system cause the ( Full Answer )
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How do you replace ac compressor belt on a 1998 Honda civic?

Comprssor bolt will be in your way so you have to take that off. I take both mounting screws off and the belt comes off. You have to get the ac belt off there , so to do that ( Full Answer )
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Why won't your ac blow cold air on your 95 Honda Civic after the ac compressor kicks on?

The AC compressor uses a chemical refrigerant known as freon to cool air as it comes into the cabin of your car. This chemical can leak out over time and as it leaks, it turns ( Full Answer )
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Why wont 1998 Honda civic ex cooling fan come on when car is on?

Answer . The cooling fan is not on all the time. When driving above 35 mph, ram air takes effect and the air going through the radiator is stronger than the air can be pulled ( Full Answer )
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Will ac compressor from Honda civic fit crv?

They are different compressors, especially depending on the years... you can check out the part numbers and applications here:\n. \nThe a/c compressor o ( Full Answer )
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Where is the tail light relay for a 2004 Honda civic. My tail lights and license plate lamps do not work. Bulbs and fuses are okay.?

My problem wasn't the relay. I noticed the tail lights & license plate lamps would go off & on when I open & close the trunk. They finally went out permanently. I found the pr ( Full Answer )
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Why does a 1991 Honda civic engine cooling fan stays on?

The cooling fan is operated by an electric motor rather than the revolutions of the car's motor. If your fan is staying on I would investigate the electrical systems leading t ( Full Answer )
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Where is the cooling fan fuse on a 1998 Honda Shadow?

If you sit on the bike, right inside of your knee will be a black sisde cover or side fairing. It will pop right off because its held in with rubber grommeted holes. Once you ( Full Answer )
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Ac compressor comes on but will not cool?

It sounds like your A/C system needs to be recharged. You can buy a kit at your local parts store and do it yourself (follow the instructions very closely).
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How do you replace an ac compressor Honda civic si 2002?

you have to take off the front bumper the headlight and then theradiator once all of that is out take the serpentine belt off thenremove the alternator then the ac unit will b ( Full Answer )
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Where is the fuse diagram for a 2004 Honda civic?

The diagram is on the fuse box covers. One is in the left panel near the floor. The other is under the hood on the left side of the vehicle near the battery.
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Cooling fan doesnt come on 2002 Honda civic lx?

Check the integrity of the wiring. Determine if the fan motor is burned out. More likely, the sensor has malfunctioned. Unplug the sensor (engine off) - the fan should come on ( Full Answer )
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Why does 98 Honda civic ac blow cool but not cold after replacing ac condenser?

When the condensor was removed a generous amoint of oil (PAG) was removed with the old one. I should say, Was not recovered. It is possible that this oil was not replaced when ( Full Answer )
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Why do cooling fans only come on when you turn on AC on your Honda CR-V?

The CRV has a very efficient cooling system and the fans only come on as necessary to assist cooling. When you engage the A/C they usually kick on for a minute or two to maint ( Full Answer )
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Why does Honda Civic downshift when ac on?

When the AC comes on it uses a compressor that is driven by the engines belt. This uses power from the engine, which means you have less power to turn the wheels and move the ( Full Answer )