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Who was the first one to have xxx?

Adult movies, also called XXX or porn, have been around for a long time. The worlds oldest adult film is from 1897. It isn't as graphic as todays, but it was very taboo in 1897.

What is meant by xxx?

There are a few meanings to "xxx." In most cases, "xxx" means that something is x-rated such as porn.

What kind of site is Keez Movies?

The website called "Keez Movies" is considered to be a site mainly for pornography. At this website one can find videos and photos relating to porn. Movies relating to porn can also be found on this website.

What are the top rated facial movies?

To start this question is about porn websites and is not appropriate for all age groups. Jizzle and Xhamster claims to have top facial movies. One can download from their sites free porn, and choose their top rated facial movies.

What is a xxxx movie?

XXX is a rating given to a movie that has a lot of porn in it. This means the film is pornographic and contains a lot of nudity and sex.

For what is Carol Connors known?

Carol Connors is a famous porn star. She has retired from the porn industry but has starred in over twenty adult movies in her career. She is the mother of actress Thora Birch.

What sorts of movies does Croc Movies provide?

Croc Movies is a provider of Adult entertainment, and therefore is not suitable for children. They are a hardcore company and are responsible for adult entertainment porn pictures, videos and more.

What is Cindy Hope famous for?

Cindy Hope, an American Porn Star, is most famous for her role in pornographic movies, or adult videos. Her most famous work is with fellow porn star Peter North.

What is Mihiro Taniguchi famous for?

Mihiro Taniguchi is famous for being a Japanese model, singer, television personality and porn star. She has been in over 90 porn movies since 2001 and has won awards for her performances.