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Who was the saint advisor of Tsarina Alexandra?

Rasputin was the advisor of Tsarina Alexandra. Roman Catholic Answer Unfortunately, the Tsarina Alexandra had no "saint" advisors. Rapsutin was indeed her advisor. He had briefly been a monk but left to lead a life of debauchery, and the best… Full Answer

What is the symbol of Saint Mary Magdalene?

Mary Magdalene is sometimes represented by an alabaster box of ointment as she is recognized by many as the sinner who anointed our Lord's feet with perfume contained in an alabaster container.

When was rasputin murdered?

The story of Rasputin's demise is well known. One night in December 1916, Rasputin was invited by Prince Felix Felixovich Yussupov to visit his palace on the Moika Canal. The pretext was the opportunity for Rasputin to meet Felix's wife… Full Answer