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What do men like?

Theres only one thing on a mans mind. and that's bagslaps n boobs well, most people think that men only like beer, football and girls with rockin bods and theyd be rite most ( Full Answer )
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How do you do cunnilingus?

Cunnilingus is just a fancy term for performing oral sex on a female. If you need more information try a book from the library on sex and sexual acts. I prefer to gently lick ( Full Answer )
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What is the best way to perform cunnilingus?

be in "69" position, or just open girls legs and lick it (girls also like you sticking your tongue up the vagina to get more pussy)! With your ankle, however, if you happen to ( Full Answer )
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Can cunnilingus result in Pregnancy?

The only way you could possibly get pregnant from oral sex is if the person giving spits a mouthful of semen inside of the person receiving. Then, the sperm would have to mira ( Full Answer )
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How do you give a female cunnilingus?

You lick the girls pussy, especially the clit, until she has had an orgasm. Be prepared to do this for a while because it mat take a little while for the girl you are with to ( Full Answer )
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Can you get a disease from performing cunnilingus on a virgin?

Chlamydia, human papillomavirus (HPV), gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis (multiple strains), and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) - including HIV are some disease you can ( Full Answer )
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What is Cunnilingus?

Cunnilingus is the correct term for performing oral sex on a female, also known as eating out a woman's vagina. Use your teeth to push back the clitoral hood which is the s ( Full Answer )
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Is cunnilingus safe?

You can get STDs that way too. You can cut a condom open and put on the vagina, or get other barriers called dental dams. According to a local health department, non-microwave ( Full Answer )
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How do you convince your boyfriend to perform cunnilingus?

The best way is to talk to him. Ask if he's ever done it. Ask him to do it for you. If you let him finger you, that's probably a good time to ask. Let him do it until you both ( Full Answer )
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How do you give good cunnilingus?

You ask her. But my boy friend is great at it. This is what he would do with me. He first would begin to kiss rub my neck, go to my collarbone, he would take my shirt off, sup ( Full Answer )
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How do you perform auto-cunnilingus?

Auto-cunnilingus is possible, you do not have to be young or skinny as many people think in order to achieve this goal, just very persistent. Begin a daily stretch routine tha ( Full Answer )
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Why do you get sick when you do cunnilingus?

Perhaps because of poor hygiene, or because she has STDs. You can get herpes and possibly warts via oral sex. Any unpleasant odors there could cause you to feel sickened. At a ( Full Answer )
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Why do they do cunnilingus what is useful in that?

It is a great way to get the woman turnd on and get her vagina wet and ready for sex. Also most woman can have great orgasems by receving oral sex. I feel when I perform it th ( Full Answer )
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Do lesbians perform cunnilingus and why?

Some lesbians do interact with each other sexually in this way. It is because it is pleasurable for the one recieving.
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Why do men like to perform cunnilingus?

A lot of men like performing cunnilingus because they enjoy the taste. They also like having the control in their hands, they can choose what to do and enjoy making a woman or ( Full Answer )
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Is cunnilingus harmful?

It depends. In general, no. Cunnilingus refers to orally pleasuring a woman. The only reason it could be a risk is if either the giver or receiver has some form of sexual dise ( Full Answer )
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What are the health concerns with cunnilingus?

Main one would be herpes, or genital warts. you can get all STD's from oral sex, but it is unlikely. most likely would be herpes. Look for any clear blister like objects.
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It is to safe to perform cunnilingus?

You can catch STDs that way too but you can put something on when you lick it so you are protected. You can cut open a condom and put it on the vagina for protection or use pl ( Full Answer )
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Is cunnilingus allowed under Islam?

Yes, it is allowed but only between wife and husband and per their acceptance and mutual enjoyment. see the question below for more information.
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Who and Why did cunnilingus start?

The question should not be "who and why" Who knows who? but why? Very simple, to give more intimate pleasure to your partner. Nothing is more intimate than cunnilingus, more i ( Full Answer )
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Why do men like other men?

Because that is the sexual orientation they were born with regardless of whether they identify as bisexual, pansexual, heteroflexible, or something else.
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Do women enjoy receiving cunnilingus?

yes, they love it. every single one of them. advice: you must love doing it and women will love you for it, no matter how small your penis is. when your sucking vagina mak ( Full Answer )
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You want to perform cunnilingus are you straight?

Sexuality is fluid. You can want to go down on a girl, but not want to have sex with her. You don't have to confine yourself to the box of "straight".
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Do girls perform cunnilingus?

If they're a lesbian or either very very flexible but normally it is performed by a male on a female
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What is the best way to give cunnilingus?

The best way to give cunnilingus differs from woman to woman, but in my experience the best way is to get her comfortable (lay her on a soft surface on her back) and then gent ( Full Answer )
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Is cunnilingus dirty?

to some people yes but its suposet to be. its also suposeted to be fun but if yu dont want to dor that or your girl dosent want you to do that dont. but its fun =-)
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How to perform cunnilingus on a woman?

How to perform cunnilingus on a woman is easy... another word of saying it is oral sex. Oral sex is performed in various positions and may be the best way to bring your girl ( Full Answer )
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If you perform cunnilingus are you a lesbian?

Assuming you are female, you would have to consider the possibility that you might be. Depends on how much you enjoyed it and how often you do it. For those who discover or fi ( Full Answer )
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Why men like men?

If a man likes another man it isn't a bad thing. It simply means they do not feel attracted to women. Their bodies still function the same, but women just do not appeal to the ( Full Answer )
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Why do men like men?

If a man likes another man it isn't a bad thing. Everyone likes some men and dislikes other men (... and women). Some men love some other men and some fall in love with other ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a girl to perform cunnilingus?

Well she would be a lesbian so I'd suggest making sure the other girl was clean and washed down there or maybe shaved as to make it more smoothe it's very enjoyable :)
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Is cunnilingus good for men?

Yes cunnilingus is enjoyed by most men as ell as ladies, as they think it is more cleaner as well.
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How do you perform auto cunnilingus?

I am not a female. However, I performed autofelatio on myself for 20 years, and I was able to kiss the base of my scrotum. I am not double jointed, but at the time I could ( Full Answer )