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Is it normal to not feel pain?

No, it is not. If someone gets hurt, they feel physical pain. If someone gets their feelings hurt, they feel emotional pain.

Are Endorphins released when you laugh?

"The elation you feel when you laugh is a great way of combating the physical effects of stress. When we laugh, our body relaxes and endorphins, which are natural painkillers, are released into the blood stream."

Do iranians feel its ok to feel pain?

Of course, pain exists regardless of culture. Iranians in particular are a very openly emotional people and there is an incredible wealth of Iranian music and poetry that expresses the pain both emotional and physical that Iranians may feel.

Why do people burn themselves?

They feel emotional pain for so long that they prefer to feel a physical pain that is tangible, rather than always being in their own head. because they are emo

Do starfish feel pain?

Nope they do not. They have only a rudimentary nervous system and do not possess the nerve endings or the brain system for the psycho-physical sensation of pain.

Do sharks feel pain?

Probably not, at least not physical pain. Sharks lack the key nociceptors required for the intense sensation of pain. In addition, behaviour evidence has shown that sharks will continue regular feeding even after being eviscerated. In other studies that provide… Full Answer

Which physical punishment is worst?

It totally depends on the person receiving the punishment, as everybody has different levels of pain that they can cope with compared to each other. And then person A might feel punishment Y is worst pain, Whereas person B might… Full Answer

Why do emos slit their wrists?

Actually, not all Emos cut themselves. Emo stands for emotional. But the ones that do, do it because the physical pain is comforting. It helps them thorugh the emotional pain that they feel usually everyday.

Where is the soul kept?

Those who believe that the soul exists and who really think about it, usually regard it as an ethereal entity without a physical existence. Not being physical, there is no 'where'. Of course, not being physical should also mean that… Full Answer

Do stigmatic twins exist?

Stigmatic twins communicate and share feelings. For instance, if one of the twins cuts himself the other twin will also feel the pain. There is no physical mechanism by which one twin can remotely feel pain inflicted on the other… Full Answer

What happens when you feel pain?

when you feel pain it hurts. but this is a good thing.what pain really is is weakness leaving the get stronger as you have more pain.