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What is is smegma?

Generally, smegma is something most commonly associated with uncircumsized men that is a substance found under the foreskin. It is a white substance that varies from white and filmy to 'cheesy' and thick. Smegma has also been referred to as… Full Answer

What are the function of smegma?

smegma is whitish/yellowish epithelium cells + dead skin cells that form beneath the foreskin of the penis in most cases, smegma is considered a natural yet a disease with odor.. secreting too much smegma should checked out, however normal secretion… Full Answer

Is smegma cheesy?

, yes smegma is a rather tasty form of cheese formed by the recticule, known as the penis in some countrys such as France children give their smegma to their mother for a rather tastefull omelate.