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Respect for elder in Islamic point of view?

An elder is very highly revered in the Muslim community as he is a symbol of wisdom and long age of Worship of God. It comes to the effect in one of the sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon…

How should you respect others?

I should respect others because what you give is what you get it means if you treat that person nicely they will treat you back the way you treat them and besides that no matter what is that person elder…

Why do need respect?

Because if you don't respect someone, they don't respect you. And if you don't understand that, try googling the word "respect" and see how appealing it looks to you O.o

What is a good slogan for saving lions?

that we should save animals our earth and we should don 't throw the bits of paper and anything. we should respect to elder people. should not use abusive languages. guests comes in our home we should keep a smile.people…

What did Confucius believe and teach?

Confucius taught a system of filial piety, in which sons obey and respect their father and fathers teach and respect their sons. The five relationships are father and son, elder brother and younger brother, husband and wife, ruler and subject…

Why do people need respect?

do you mean why do people need respect? without respect nobody would pay serious attention to you. a job you asked them to do would go undone and life simply would not be fun. a quote from me.

Shada lala kiay hall hia?

It is a "hindko" language. Basically it means, Shada (a persons name), Lala (a title of respect for elder such as "uncle) "kiya hall hia" (How are you?)