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Do girls like there vagina to be licked?

YES, every single girl I know who has had their vagina licked, love it. Some even say its better then sex. But it depends how good the person is who is licking the girls vagina.

What is getting licked out?

Getting licked out is more reffered to as being eaten out or getting ate out and that is where my little friend a guy or girl eats or licks the vagina and often uses there finger to stimulate the woman's… Full Answer

How does a girl feel if her vagenia is licked?

If you mean vagina, then it depends on how you lick. The girl might feel awkward if the licker is just slobbering, but if the licker knows what he/she's doing, the girl will feel amazing.

What is a rainbow lick?

Vagina Lick + On Her Period = Bloody Cunnilingus = Rainbow Lick a rainbow lick is when a girl gets licked when shes on her period