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Why does surfactant affect airflow?

Surfactant improves airflow in several ways. First, it maintains airway stability by preventing airway film collapse of the airway walls. Second, surfactant modulates airway wall thickness and diameter by regulating liquid balance. In other words, the dysfunction of surfactant airways… Full Answer

What is a servo regulator?

Fuel servos work the same for nearly all aircraft. They basically measure the airflow to generate a differential pressure on a set of diaphragms. The "differential" pressure is used to meter the fuel flow. As the airflow increases these baffles/diaphragms… Full Answer

What is the purpose of surfactant?

Surfactants allow liquids to wet surfaces instead of beading up above the surface. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ In human physiology, surfactant is the material that lines the alveoli of the lung. It increases the efficiency of gas exchange, as the gasses can dissolve… Full Answer