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What's wrong if your car ac works for a few minutes then the compressor stops running and if you shut it off and then turn it back on it works for a few more minutes?

It sounds like an old car of mine. My old car had a short in the wiring and instead of replacing the wiring the previous owner installed a circuit breaker instead of a fuse. t ( Full Answer )
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Where is the dirt devil vacuum from?

\nThe Royal Appliance Manufacturing Company. The first Royal Appliance vacuum cleaners were made by the P.A. Geier Company in 1905 by hand in a backyard garage in Cleveland, ( Full Answer )
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Will a bad capacitor shut down and restart after a few minutes?

The failure mode of a capacitor depends to some extent on it's construction. Ceramic capacitors can crack and go open circuit whereas large electrolytic capacitors can gradual ( Full Answer )
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1992 coupe deville backfires and shuts off sometimes other times runs great but after a few minutes starte s backfiring again Don't know what the problem is?

Just to let you know I changed the fuel pump fuel filter and pressure regulator changed the plugs and wires dis cap and rotor ignition module coil there are no codes present i ( Full Answer )
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Is the dirt devil plus a good vacuum?

The Dirt Devil Plus is a a great handheld vacuum cleaner and works well for getting into those hard to reach places in closets, small spaces or on stairs. It can also be usefu ( Full Answer )
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Is the Dirt Devil Plus a good vacuum cleaner?

The dirt devil plus is a pretty new vacuum cleaner. Everyone has a different opinion, but overall it can stand up to almost anything. For you to truly know how well this vacuu ( Full Answer )
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Is a Dirt Devil Plus vacuum good for hardwood floors?

Dirt Devil Plus is a recommended vacuum for all floor types, not just hardwood floors. This can be attributed to this vacuum's ability to adjust the height of its suction poin ( Full Answer )
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Can you buy Dirt Devil vacuum bags online?

Vacuum cleaner bags and accessories can be purchased online without any hassle. Make sure the item matches exactly to the vacuum cleaner equipment at home.
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Which retailers sell the Dirt Devil Featherlite vacuum?

The Dirt Devil Featherlite vacuum is sold by department stores such as the Bay and Sears. One can find this vacuum in the appliance section and should ask the salesperson for ( Full Answer )
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Where can one find reviews for Dirt Devil vacuums?

Reviews for popular home items like the Dirt Devil vacuums can be found easily on the web. Sites like Amazon, Vacuum Judge, Walmart, YouTube, and Consumer Reports all have eit ( Full Answer )
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What models of vacuums does Dirt Devil produce?

Dirt Devil produces many different models of upright, cylindrical and handheld vacuum cleaners. They range from basic models such as the ultra lightweight compact bagless upri ( Full Answer )
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Where can one buy a Dirt Devil broom vacuum?

You could buy one at any retail store, you could even buy one at an online auction, or an online store, such as Amazon, Ebay, etc. Just go to your local Walmart's, they should ( Full Answer )
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Where can someone buy a Dirt Devil canister vacuum?

You can find Dirt Devil canister vacuums at various online retailers like Amazon, Target, Ebay, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond as well as Best Buy and Overstock.
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Is shake down safe for vacuum cleaners?

Assuming "shake down" is the name of a powdered carpet cleanerscattered down and vacumed up later. Then., it is safe however, ifthe vacum is of the bag type , the bag helps fi ( Full Answer )