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What would it be difficult to shift into first gear?

%DETAILS%. Answer . a) Check gear oil level/condition.\nb) or you have a worn synchronizer.. Answer . Verify that your clutch linkage is adjusted, if this is a cable l ( Full Answer )
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Can the speedometer cable affect the shifting on a 1987 automatic Toyota Supra if the cable is broken and the car will not go over 30 mph staying only in first gear?

\nYes it will affect it, I've experienced this twice. The first time it snapped and the other time the end had came out of the transmission. Toyota uses an electronically cont ( Full Answer )
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How do you know when to shift gears in a manual car?

Manual Shifting Your owners manual will tell you the appropriateshift speeds for your particular car. However, you may not rememberthe speed for each particular gear. A good r ( Full Answer )
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Will not shift out of first gear?

Shifting . If stick shift try pressing in the klutch all the way and pull it in to second and let off the gas.
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Your automatic car wont shift gears?

Answer . If your car/truck is having problems shifting, it may be your transmition. You may want to get that checked out.
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How gear shifting takes place in a car?

kinda like a bike but not really, Think of the gears on a bike. on the rear of the bike you have a cone with a lot of teeth on it. when you bike up hill you use the smaller ge ( Full Answer )
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Why will a car not go into gears It starts but when you move the shift into a gear. The car does not move.?

I am assuming this is an automatic transmission. The transmission fluid could be low, the filter could be plugged or your transmission could be cooked. Don't drive it, don't e ( Full Answer )
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Why is it hard to shift gears in my manual car?

There are many reasons why a car is hard to shift when there is amanual transmission. The clutch is one of the main reasons why acar is not shifting properly. Another reason c ( Full Answer )
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Why does my car shudder when it shifts from low gear?

You should replace the ignition coils(8).I suggest you order from online autoparts store and replace yourself.The coil is around $60.00 each and easy to replace it.
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Shifts to neutral after first gear in overdrive?

I had this same problem. I took the car back several times to the dealership. They claimed that they couldn't duplicate the condition. On the 3rd time, the car was past warran ( Full Answer )
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Why will my 99 durango not shift out of first gear?

I had that same problem. Brought it in to AAMCO & they said it had to be rebuilt. The cost .. $2,023 Fred: It happened to my 2000 Saturn too. They said because I didn't ( Full Answer )
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Car shifts in gear but wont drive?

make sure car is on level hood...pull transmission dip stick...check transmission fluid level...if low, fill to cold fluid level on dip stick.....start the motor ( Full Answer )
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How do you use shift gears in automatic car?

Don't do it, it will only beat the you know what out of your transmission in the long run. If you would like to see metal shavings when you change your transmission fluid and ( Full Answer )
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Why car won't shift gears?

Either the clutch out of adjustment or needs to be replaced, or the linkage to the shifter, or damage inside the trans.
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Why wont your car shift into gear when the car is on?

You probably have clutch issues. With the engine, and the E brake off, puthe car in 1st gear. Have some one rock it, or try to push it. While they are doing this, push the clu ( Full Answer )
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Why wont the car shift gears?

If it is an automatic then you are either low of fluid or your filter is dirty and needs changed. If that don't work than your transmission needs fixed and I would advise you ( Full Answer )
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Your car is not shifting out of first what can you do?

It might help knowing the year make and model of your vehicle, and if it's auto or manual and maybe the engine size. . 1. If it's auto maybe shift control sol. . If it's man ( Full Answer )
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How do you quickly shift gears in a car?

se300benz the gear for five speed has switch marked E and E where to use on normal drive E or s and show me the picture of normal drive the position of the gear
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Why will car shift but not lock into a gear?

This sounds like an issue with the selector fork linkages. Either that or the dog teeth are too worn out to hold the gears in place.
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1996 Camaro do not shift after first gear?

This happened to me as well with my 95 Z28. I dropped the transmission pan out and completely drained and cleaned the pan and made sure all old fluid was out. Then I changed t ( Full Answer )
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What is shifting to low gear in a car?

Exactly what it sounds like. Cars have different gears to chose from depending on how you want to drive. Low gears are strong but slow, good for getting started, going uphill, ( Full Answer )
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How do you shift into first gear on a motorcycle?

If you cannot shift into first gear on a motorcycle, you should not ride one.. So says the spida. But if you must, click down and you are in first. 2,3,4,5 are all up after th ( Full Answer )
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Why will a car not go into gears It starts but when you move the shift into a gear The car does not move?

Hopefully it is just low on transmission fluid. Check the transmission dipstick. If the level is alright, then the transmission has most likely died. If it is a manual tran ( Full Answer )
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How is gear shifted in a ferrari F1 car?

There are two paddles attached to the wheel on an F1 car. Tapping the right one changes up, the left changes down.
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What causes a car to only shift from first to second gear when you take your foot off the gas?

There's a few possibilities. It could be the transmission itself.. whether an actual mechanical problem or a need to replace the transmission fluid. It could also be the shift ( Full Answer )