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When does the human brain stop working?

Ten minutes give or take. You are not dead or declared dead until your brain is fully dead. Your brain can survive about 10 minutes without oxygen before complete death. If so ( Full Answer )
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Car radio stopped working?

A car radio that has stopped working will need to be checked forwiring problems or a problem in the radio itself. The car dealershould be able to track the source of the probl ( Full Answer )
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Speed odometer stopped working?

what can cause my speed odometer to stop working, it would work awhile, than stop, now not at all
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My Gameshark GBA stopped working. Why?

You need to reflash your gameshark, but to do this you will need another working gameshark, hopefully you have a friend with one, or access to a friendly used game store. Once ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when your working on a project with friends and they stop working with you?

tell them 2 get there act together and say what will happen if you dont finish the project and of that doesent work threaten that your going to take their names off the pr ( Full Answer )
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What happens when satelittes stop working?

\nDepends on a lot of things.\n \nIf they're currently in use by a group who has the money to fix them, a shuttle goes up and they fix them. \nIf the satellite isn't repaire ( Full Answer )
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Why did the Sony PS3 stop working?

This new bug with the PS3 is caused by a error with the PS3s internal clock. Sony says that this bug should be fixed in around 24 hours, but until then, it is advised that you ( Full Answer )
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Why did the Hubble stop working in 2004?

It didn't - HST's fourth Servicing Mission (3B) in 2002 restored and replaced key systems/experiments as is normal for an HST SM. Servicing Mission 4 in 2009 replaced older in ( Full Answer )
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How does your psp games stop working?

Well when you take out your PSP game out of its box your fingers get all over the game which marks it, which also stops it from working. If you want to fix it go to game and a ( Full Answer )
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When did slaves stop work?

Slaves were unpaid labourers who were forced to do the masters bidding. A generous master may not have worked them quite so hard as a cruel one might have. For outdoor work, I ( Full Answer )
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Can caffeine stop xanax from working?

Caffeine is a stimulant which can interact with the sedative effects generally desired from benzos.
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Do engine stop leaks work?

I can say from experience that Restore will stop engine oil leaks. Beyond that I have no idea. NO, they are only a temporary fix.
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Do your eyes ever stop working?

no they don't except when u do of course!! It depends. If you were to damage your eyes with a chemical or puncture, you could just hurt your eyes or even become blind. Your ( Full Answer )
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What if the adrenal gland stops working?

Worst case scenario: your heart stops pumping and you die. Best case: you'll start to feel very weak and ill very quickly and you'll die.
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Why does the clock pengulin stop working?

In order to work, a pendulum requires a form of energy. In a clock weights are attached to chains. As gravity pulls on the weights, the chains move the clockwork. The pendulum ( Full Answer )
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What to do when window wipers stop working?

Really, it depends what you mean by "stop working". There are two types of broken. The first is they move from side to side still but the brush part wont clean. That means tha ( Full Answer )
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What happens when your trachea stops working?

I think you die. The trachea is like a tube connecting the mouth/oral airway to the lungs. The trachea will stop working if it becomes blocked eg by a foreign body - oh no I s ( Full Answer )
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How do you stop Depo-Provera from working?

\nThere is no way to stop the effects of the Depo Provera shot in a female. You will simply have to wait it out (12 to 15 weeks), in a male it is possible to override the Dep ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if your tablet pen stops working?

Open Control Panel, click "System", click "Hardware", click "Device Manager". Usually, one of the devices under "Human Interface Devices", such as "HID-Compliant device" will ( Full Answer )
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Does rheumatoid arthritis stop you from working?

It can. It all depends on how much damage it has done at any given point in time. I am 63 and have had RA for a long time. aside from using the odd anti inflamatory to bring p ( Full Answer )
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What if your Halo 3 stops working?

If your halo 3 game stops working visit your local jumbo video, eb games or gamestop and for a couple of bucks they can polish your disk if that doesent work and you bought a ( Full Answer )
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What happen when the horn stop working?

It could be a bad fuse, check under dash on passenger side kick panel. also if it stops working you cant blow your horn.