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Who was Dr Carlos Finlay?

Dr Carlos Finlay was a scientist as well as a medical doctor. He is known for his early research on mosquitoes and the cause of yellow fever.

Who are some Hispanic inventors?

Some famous Hispanic inventors include Pedro Flores, Ellen Ochoa, and Carlos Finlay. Luis Federico is another famous Hispanic inventor. He won a Nobel prize.

Dr Juan Carlos Finlay?

Carlos Juan Finlay (1833 รข??1915) was a Cuban physician and scientist who is recognized as a pioneer in the research of yellow fever. He was the first to theorize, in 1881, that a mosquito was a carrier of the disease.

What was Dave Finlay famous for?

Dave Finlay is very famous as a wrestler from Northern Ireland now working with the WWE and formerly with the WCW. Throughout his career, he has held over twenty different championship titles around the globe.