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How regeneration in plants takes place?

The ability of living things to repair them selves or grow lost parts is called regeneration. Plants generally have greater powers of generation than animals do. In plants generally happens to: Vegetative Reproduction : This is an asexual reproduction in… Full Answer

What is plant production?

Plant production is the multiplication and/ or propagation of more plants by either sexual (seed) or asexual propagation methods (cuttings). Sexual production involves the sowing of seeds which results in most new seedling being unique in genetic make up (unless… Full Answer

What is clonal diversity?

Many flowering plants possesses both sexual and certain types of asexual propagation. Those group of similar plants which are reproduced asexully and grown together in the same place are clonal. The each individual of this group or clony is known… Full Answer

What is vegetation propaging?

Vegetative propagation is a method of asexual reproduction in plants; it can occur naturally or be human-aided. If human aided, a small stem or branch is broken or cut off and placed in water, where it will begin to grow… Full Answer