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What external hard disk?

There is a hardisk drive inside the computer but say your computer crashes or a virus wipes it all then it is al left so some people created the external hard disk drive as an alternate storage device. It is… Full Answer

Difference between input and output device?

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INPUT AND OUTPUT DEVICE Ininput device data flows from external environment (user ) to the computer while in out device data flows from computer to the external environment (user).

What is a universal cradle?

It's a mounting device or a convenient extended cable to mount devices. For example, a mounting device to plug in a USB or a mounting device to place a external hard drive or a cd/dvd external drive.

What is an automated external defibrilator?

An automated external defibrillator is an electronic device used to diagnose and treat heart problems such as cardiac arrhythmia. The device can be used to to stop the arrhythmia through the use of electrical impulses.