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What is a saz?

Definition: The term saz refers to someone or somebody, who usually lives a "freak it" to everything kind of life. A saz, would like to get high very often, and is addicted to Red Bull. A Saz, is not your… Full Answer

How do you ensure anal will be clean?

You wash your hands and whatever else may be going near that area before and after. If you are going to do anal you NEVER should insert anything into a vagina or mouth after anal unless it is cleaned first… Full Answer

Is lotion a good anal lube?

As long as it provides enough "slipperiness" and you experience no discomfort or chemical irritation, anything can be a good anal lube.

What is Saz made of?

Saz is made of wood. It is an instrument that very popular in Turkey. It is the general name of the Ba─člama, Cura, Tar (the instrumets that famous in Turkey) etc.