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Where do Limousin cows come from?

Limousin cattle originated from France, specifically from the Limousin and Marche regions. Locally, though, Limousin cattle come from other Limousin cattle, specifically cows and bulls that are of the Limousin breed.

Are limousin cattle horned or polled?

Limousin cattle are both horned and polled depending on genetics. Horned tends to be more prevalent, but it is not uncommon to see French breeders that have polled Limousin cattle. Polled Limousin are most common in North America.

How do you spot a limousin cow?

Limousins are not the easiest to spot, unless you're in France or looking for the more traditional coloured type cattle and are not spotting them from the highway traveling 100 km/hr down the road. Typically the heritage-type Limousin cattle are… Full Answer

How much can the Limousin breed weigh?

Well if you mean the now extinct horse breed it used to weight around 1000 to 1400 pounds. If you mean the French Limousin Cattle, then current weights are cows, 1,543 pounds and for bulls 2,645 pounds.