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What does the word instill mean?

Instill is a verb that means to gradually or slowly but firmly establish something. It is commonly referred to when raising children, e.g. Susy's parents instilled the value of thrift into her as a child.

Instill in a sentence?

To use 'instill" in a sentence, you might say, " I am trying to instill these excellent virtues so that you will live a good life as an adult." The word instill means gradually establish.

Why did atheists begin?

Atheists were here way before religious people were. A baby or young child is born as an atheist, until its parents instill their own opinions upon the child.

Who does the website Love and Logic help?

Love and Logic is a resource for parents and teachers. It is designed to help these adults create good relationships with their students or children and instill values of responsibility in the kids.

What is instill?

here is a definition. Verb Gradually but firmly establish (an idea or attitude, esp. a desirable one) in a person's mind: "instill values". Put (a substance) into something in the form of liquid drops: "instill eye drops".

Are fairy tales good for kids?

Fairy Tales instill morals, as well as entertain children (and coincidentally give parents a much needed rest when their kid inevitably falls asleep). It's up to the parent to decide if they are good for their child or not.

How could art persuade people?

In advertising to instill a need or desire for something. In propaganda to instill an ideal or political idiom. In mainstream art to create a visual pleasure.