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What do you use math for?

Everyone uses math every day. Architects use math to make sure that their building designs are stable. Teachers use math to count the number of students in the class. Salesmen use math to figure out their profits.

What is the answer to this problem 95 x 44?

According to my calculation the answer to the question presented at hand is 4180. Simple mental math which all people should be able to do. You need to use your brain, a frineds, or a calculator.

Pros and cons of cellphones in school?

Pros- Students can text missed assignments to classmates that are absent. If a student is slow to copy notes from the board, pictures can be taken of the missed notes and accessed later. Ditto sending notes to absent classmates. If…

What is 89 plus 6?

95. Your computer should have a calculator option on it, if you are unable to do the math. Try pressing the start key, then press the accessories key. Next time, try and use your computer's calculator to do math problems.

Why do high school students fail in math?

Math is not an easy subject for many students, and in order to well in math you have to understand it. Students who do not listen well in class, do their homework, and get help when they do not understand…

What is 16x3.5 in math?

It is so very simple and quick to get the answer, especially since you can use the calculator that comes with your computer. But since you are not able to do so, the answer is 56.

How accurate is a car payment calculator?

Most car payment calculators are accurate but you should always use your own calculator and check the math. My advice is always to shop around and research the quality of the payment calculator service.