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How Did bauhaus happen?

bauhaus happend when there was not enough schools so they opened bauhaus so more kids could get a good enjoyment in there life and that is how the bauhaushappened

What made the Bauhaus style popular?

Bauhaus is a German school of crafts and fine arts. From Wikipedia: "One of the main objectives of the Bauhaus was to unify art, craft, and technology." For example, people associate Bauhaus with the Tel Aviv culture and lifestyle, the… Full Answer

What inspired bauhaus?

Cats of the late 20th century inspired Bauhaus - to design such sleek & soft slim edges. This inspired many artists to go along with the Bauhaus era.

What are the characteristics of Bauhaus?

Bauhaus Characteristics Bauhaus characteristics include many different things, one include look for simplicity, Bauhaus design use simplicity of lines and shapes, look for straight lines or smooth gentle curves. there is repitition and many layers in the overall design, identical… Full Answer