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What is a fountain pen?

A fountain pen is a nib pen that feeds ink the to nib via gravity and a capillary action that allows for smooth writing. They can store ink in the pens body or in an ink cartridge or converter which… Full Answer

The thing at the tip of a pen?

ball point Answer: A proper pen has a nib at its tip, not a ball point. A nib is a steel device which i designed to hold a small reserve of ink either filled by dipping into an ink well… Full Answer

What is a quill and ink well?

The father of the fountain pen, a quill is a feather with the end sharpened to form a 'nib' An inkwell is... well... a little pot of ink. Dipping the quill into it will draw some ink up inside the… Full Answer

What fountain pen ink made of?

The actual composition of fountain pen ink really varies by color and maker. Generally, fountain pen ink is pigment-based, which gives it a quite watery and runny consistency. This is due to the fact that unlike gel or india inks… Full Answer