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Is there a wireless earbud that works with a standard headphone jack?

Answer . Most wireless earbuds are specifically designed to fit a brand of phone. That is why there isn't really a universal earbud. This is a money making market. As in, Nok ( Full Answer )
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Can headphones be used with a television that has no headphone Jack there are in and out audio jacks?

\nIf the television has audio out jacks you can use a wireless headset, or you can connect the audio out to an amplifier that has a headphone jack.\n Answer \n. \n. \nYo ( Full Answer )
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If your Dell laptop has a headphones jack but no line-out jack can you still connect a 5.1 surround sound speaker system to it?

It could work . You can connect the 5.1 speaker system to the dell laptop as long as the cable is not an optical or digital cable. Some cables double analog or digital. T ( Full Answer )
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Can wireless headphones be used with a television that has no headphone jack?

That depends on whether or not the TV has audio output connectors on it. They're usually what's called an 'RCA' connector. Right channel will be red, left channel is white and ( Full Answer )
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How do you fix a headphone jack?

I had the exact same problem If your headphones jack doesn't work but your speakers do, Here's how you fix it First, check windows updates and install any missing drivers. The ( Full Answer )
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What is headphone?

a hearing device usually used for mp3 players, laptops, portable DVD players, and things of that nature they are normally used at times when the people around you don't want ( Full Answer )
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How can you make your headphone and speaker jacks in your Dell inspiron computer play two different audio sources?

To your computer these jacks are both the same pair of channels. The only way you could accomplish this is to put one audio source on the left channel only & the other on righ ( Full Answer )
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What is a standard headphone jack cable?

A `standard headphone jack cable' usually refers to a 1/4" connector. The `mini' is what is normally found on items like a portable .mp3 player or CD player, which is to say, ( Full Answer )
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How does a headphone jack work?

it has 3 conductors at the end, whre 1 remains common and other two are independent, so that both left and right speakears are independent and are stereo.
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Why won't your headphones work?

Maybe because they are broken? Or you didn't plug it in? Or you broke the head phones. Mine broke when i closed the door and my headphones got trashed. The wires wires were st ( Full Answer )
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My headphones won't register on my laptop Why?

Computers do not need to 'register' headphones for the headphones to work. If the plug side of the headphones fits into a port side on the computer then problem solved. You ma ( Full Answer )
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How can you remove a piece of a headphone out of a headphone jack?

There are a couple of things you can try.. 1) dismantling the device you have the piece stuck in and push it out from the inside 2)If you cant pull it apart you can cut off ( Full Answer )
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How do i connect my tv which is a Digital Audio Out connection to my computer speakers which have a 3.5mm Headphone Jack connection so that my TVs sound will play out of the speakers?

Unless your computer speakers have a digital audio input, you won't be able to just use a cable. If your TV has two RCA line outputs (audio outputs), you can get an adapter ca ( Full Answer )
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Can you charge ipodtouch headphone jack?

headphone jacks don't need changing because they receive power from the device when you put it in to listen.
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Can wireless headphones be used with a headphone jack?

Wireless headphones are designed to receive a signal from a transmitter connected to the device. Most of them are not equipped with a cable, in which case the answer to this q ( Full Answer )
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Does the LG800G have a headphone jack?

The manual for the LG800G shows describes a "handsfree or stereo earphone connector." It requires a (larger than some) 3.5mm male plug.
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Where to get headphones?

You can get them at many places, even at a store like Walgreens. Large music stores have huge selections and some of the highest quality headphones like Skullcandy headphones. ( Full Answer )
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Which Jack is used in laptops for headphones?

The Audio Jack, there will be two jacks on the laptop, one for an external microphone and one for headphones, the one of the right SHOULD be the headphone jack.
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What is a headphone jack used for?

Headphone jacks are used to plug in wired headphones. The headphones can have different purposes. Most commonly they are used for listen to music, video audio and even phone ( Full Answer )
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My headphones stopped working on my laptop?

A good standard procedure for checking a possible hardware failureof this nature: First test the computer and the peripheral (headphones in thiscase). Plug another set of hea ( Full Answer )
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How do you make the droid mini headphone jack work?

The best way to make your droid mini headphone jack work is bytaking it to an expert so that he/she can determine what is theproblem with it and fix it.
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How To Split Audio Between Two Headphone Jacks?

I think what you want is to split a stereo headphone jack sothat two people can listen to the same sound, both of them instereo. There are many inexpensive two-for-one adap ( Full Answer )
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What does a headphone jack do?

A headphone jack allows a music device to be heard privately byusing a headphone or ear buds in the place of the audible speaker.Your headphones must have a plug that fits the ( Full Answer )
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Will the HTC Bolt have a headphone jack?

We don't have enough information to make a clear answer on this;however leaked images and sources state that the HTC Bolt will haveno headphone jack. (24/9/16)