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Why would a car have a long turn over when its cold but after the first start up it starts up right away?

Answer . In older cars, where your air filter is, there is a door that is suppose to shut when your car is cold. check the sensor on top of the air filter canister by placi ( Full Answer )
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2001 sunfire is getting to where it wont start sometime and it quit going down the road as if the ignition was turned off sometimes it will start right back up and sometimes it takes several tries and?

Answer . Actually it sounds like you crank sensor, same thing was happening with my 2001.. Thanks that could be true to but this is what happened to me maybe this will hel ( Full Answer )
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Why wont my Hyundai Elantra start up?

Fuel tank empty . Battery dead . Battery terminal loose or corroded . Leaking fuel injector(s),faulty fuel pump,pressure regulator etc . Fuel not reaching fuel rail . Ign ( Full Answer )
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My pocket rocket bike will not start?

if u cant find the problem than its probably some thing in the motor or in the wireing if u need help and u live in Katy Texas email me at and we can aran ( Full Answer )
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Oldesmobile toronado cranks but wont start I was driving it on the road and it stalled out and would not start back up and it still will not start.?

It could be A few things, I would start with the distributor cap and rotor, The rotor can get A pin-hole in it and let it create A shorted firing route.,,, If this is good, Th ( Full Answer )
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Your jimmy will not start when it is cold if you put a shot of starting fluid in it starts up and runs and if you shut it off it will start right back up then when it gets cold it wont start agane?

fuel pump may be getting tired,fuel filter could be plugged, fuel pressure regulatormight be bad or not getting vacuum. check fuel lines back to the fuel tank and around the e ( Full Answer )
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How do you tune up a pocket bike?

A pocket bike can be tuned up by adjusting the carburetor andchanging the spark plug. Changing the spark plug wire whennecessary will also help with a tune up for this type of ( Full Answer )
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We have an old Yamaha champ dirt bike and we overhauled it when we start it it idles fine but when we try to rev it up it wont rev at all what can we do to fix this?

First, get the engine running and fully warm. If the bike has a center stand, keep it on the center stand so that the rear tire is not touching the ground. With no ground resi ( Full Answer )
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How To Jump Start A Pocket Bike?

well really you cant if it wont start or someing chick the filter or the plug chick might be dirty
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Why wont your quad bike start?

The engine needs fuel, compression and spark to run. You are missing one of those.
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Why wont maple story start up?

Maplestory may not start up because of your firewall settings or the must delete all the stuff in your hackshield file if that doesnt work you probably have windows vista on w ( Full Answer )
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Sony Vaio wont start up?

Some sony vaio's purchased around the 2008, have a heat problem it was reported that the laptops overheated and the graphics processing units became unstable causing the unit ( Full Answer )
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Why does Blu-ray movies start up right away?

It's the advantage of what high definition technology can do these days. But not all movies on Blu-Ray start right away. That's usually for the older movies that came out befo ( Full Answer )
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How do you start a 49cc pocket bike?

What you do is turn you white nozzle facing up and your choke all the way up. wait five minutes to warm up and then while its running turn your choke down.
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What do you do if i tunes wont start up?

its really easy just ring the number: 1800 my-apple and they'll get you sorted really quick all the staff are trained so they will know what you are talking about.......very h ( Full Answer )
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Riding lawn mower that wont start with the key but if you jump the solenoid it starts right up it has a new ignition and a new solenoid?

Most of the time this is caused by a bad safety switch. Most riding mowers have at least three safety switches. 1) The clutch/brake pedal. (it needs to be down to crank the m ( Full Answer )
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Why wont your gba game start up?

It is possible that your game is broken. Before confirming that however, try blowing lightly inside it to clear out some possible dust that could be interfering with the reada ( Full Answer )
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When a car starts up and you drive it and then wont start up what could be wrong with it?

Hi, I had the same problem with my car just after I bought it. It's an older model with a carby. I was told because of the heat of the engine it makes it harder to start the c ( Full Answer )
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How do you start a pocket mini bike?

The one I have has a pull string like a lawn mower. starts up easy as a 2 stroke. And make sure that the gas is turned on by turning the little lever-like thing(valve, knob, h ( Full Answer )
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Why wont iTunes start up?

it can either be your computer or it could be that you need too get the most current version of itunes
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Why wont second life start up?

Some of the more common reasons for Second Life failing to start up are:- 1. Your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements. Second Life can be quite demanding o ( Full Answer )