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What is HEI?

It is HIGH ENERGY IGNITION. There isn't any points or condenser as they are replaced with an ignition module.
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Who is Michelle wie?

Answer . Michelle Wie(Oct 11, 1989- ) is an American pro golfer who has gained fame for her attempts to make a cut on the PGA tour.
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Which song has the words hey hey?

nay nay hey hey kiss him good bye bananarama tune Neil Youngs 'Hey Hey, My My'(Rock'n'Roll,will Never Die)
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Which song has the word hey hey in it?

uhm, it might be the songg. Avril Lavigne - Girl friend. but that's the only thing that comes to mind. sorry if that didnt help
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Hey hey you you i could be a girlfriend?

no thx, but thx 4 da offer lol joke, i no wat ur talkin bout, ya talkin bout avril's song - girlfriend, lol, rock on girlfriend xoxo. no thx, but thx 4 da offer lol joke, i n ( Full Answer )
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Hey Hannah wie gehts ich bin dein groester fan?

Leider ist WikiAnswers nicht in direct kontakt mit Hannah. Wir können Ihre Grüß Lieder nicht weitergeben.. Ein link unten verbindet mit Miley's Fanblub
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What does Wie geht's mean in German?

Wie geht's? is used for H ow are you?/ How's it going?/What's up? It is a shortened version of the phrase 'Wie geht es Dir?' (informal) or 'Wie geht es Ihnen?' (form ( Full Answer )
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What does hei hei mean?

Hei (Pronunced Hay) is Hello in Finnish. Hei Hei is Goodbye! Yet in Chinese Hei Hei is a double blessing. So Hei Hei - A double blessing and Goodbye to you! heihei in china on ( Full Answer )
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What are the lyrics to Hey Hey by Superchick?

Some people you can never please You might as well just let them be They mock everything not their own From their imaginary throne But I won't bow down, even if the ( Full Answer )
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How would you answer wie bist du?

Wie bist du is the literal translation of how are you? It is not a phrase that German speakers would use in the context of asking how are you? but rather how did you..? ( Full Answer )
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What song has the lyrics 'hey hey hey hey hey'?

There is a song called "Hey, hey, hey, hey" by Little Richard. There was a famous cover of it by The Beatles on their album Beatles For Sale.
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Vie gehts or wie gehts?

Wie geht's is correctly spelled; however, it is actually pronounced like vie geht's, since the w sound in German is the v sound in English.
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What song has hey hey hey in the chorus?

the best damn thing - Avril lavigne Let me hear you say hey hey hey ! Hey hey hey ! Alright, now let me hear you say hey hey ho! Hey hey ho!
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Wie gehts dir selber?

"How are you yourself?" (most likely asked in response to someone who asks you how you are)
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Refrain you to say hey hey hey hey?

well i would say it......hey hey hey hey because it sounds cool. if you do it for a song, it would sound fine so just do it
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Wie ist blei aufgebaut?

Blei ist ein chemisches Element mit dem Symbol Pb (lat. p lum b um ) und der Ordnungszahl 82 . Es ist ein giftiges Schwermetall und steht in der 4. Hauptgruppe (Kohlens ( Full Answer )
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Wie is de baas in nederland?

In Nederland is er een regering met als hoofd de minester-president. Op dit moment is dat Mark Rutte van de VVD. Daarboven staat nog de koningin maar de regeert eigenlijk niet ( Full Answer )
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Hey hey who sings this song?

Well "Hey,Hey,hey" Is "Good Bye" By Kristina Debarge. Hope this is the song you were talking about.
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What song has the lyrics hey hey?

Kiss & Tell by Selena Gomez & the Scene Hey by Mitchel Musso Make Some Noise by Hannah Montana
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What does wie mean in german?

Wie can have many different meanings/uses in German, but probably the most frequent is as a question word: "how" or "what." Examples: Wie geht's? = how are you/what's up ( Full Answer )
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What does hey hey hey mean?

It's a phrase used to grab someone's attention; in Dave Chappelle'scase, the beginning of a hilarious sentence. If said slow enough, it is the beginning of an answer to all y ( Full Answer )
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What does wie wir kampfen mean?

wie wir kämpfen sounds like the fragment of a sentence. Depending on context it could be translated as how we fight , how to fight or fight like us .
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Is Michelle wie ticklish?

No she's not. ANSWER: I think Michelle Wie is a happy type of person, I saw her alwayssmiling. I don't think she's ticklish!
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What is Hey Hey It's Saturday about?

Hey Hey It's Saturday is an Australian variety TV show hosted by Daryl Somers. This features a variety of minigames such as Red Faces, DisasterChef etc. See the official Hey H ( Full Answer )
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Is hey hey hey a question?

Not usually but It depends on the where and when it is being said. For example if you walk to someone and they say hey hey hey usually they're saying it in the sense that they ( Full Answer )
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When she walks hey hey hey hey?

she shaggs a dog on the way hehehe and then she goes to the park and shaggs a duck dadada....
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What does wie jie spell in Chinese?

There is no character with the pinyin "wie", but instead "wei jie" can be 未接 (missed) or 為界 (for the world).
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Did George Washington have a wie and family?

His wife's name was Martha Dandridge Custis ( until after marriage, then it was Martha Washington.) Kids: - 2 step-children - John "Jackie" Parke Custis (1754 - 1781) and ( Full Answer )
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What are some accomplishments of Michelle Wie?

The 23 year old Michelle Wie is an amazing accomplished golfer with many achievements to be proud of. Michelle was only ten years of age when she got her first big break due ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Bong Wie written?

Bong Wie has written: 'Space vehicle dynamics and control' -- subject(s): Space vehicles, Dynamics, Control systems