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When did radio transition to TV?

There really wasn't a 'transition', and radio is still around. TV began to spread to many large 'markets' in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

What is Radio Disneys station?

It depends on where you live. Just go to and check your local radio Disney station. Or if you have music choice on your tv you can listen to radio Disney via TV.

Why is radio better than tv?

One advantage of Radio over Television in this day and age is accessibility. Television broadcast has been limited to digital signals with a more limited broadcast range. Radio is still analog with a much larger, generally, broadcast range. Radio also… Full Answer

Is heartradio available on smart tv's?

Heart Radio is available online through their web site. If your smart TV has a web browser with audio enabled you can stream an audio feed. There are also Android apps available. The easiest way is to use either Freeview… Full Answer

Where can one download radio jingles?

If someone wished to download radio jingles they would have to go on some music downloading websites. A website with radio jingles available is mp3skull , radiojinglesvip , and soundcloud.

Does anyone still make rear projection TVs?

Believe or not, rear projection TVs are still in high demand. These types of TVs are widely available from most electronics manufacturers, such as Sony, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Samsung.