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What is an Apple iPhone?

Apple iPhone . iPhone is a revolutionary new mobile phone that allows you to make a call by simply tapping a name or number in your address book, a favorites list or a call ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a free Apple iPhone?

The iPhone is not a 'subsidized' phone; so the only way to get one free at this time is to receive one as a gift. You can also watch for sweepstakes and contests that offer i ( Full Answer )
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How many iPhones has Apple made?

Six. iPhone - The first iPhone Apple created. iPhone 3G - The second iPhone, improved size and look. iPhone 3G S - The third iPhone, introduced video camera. iPhon ( Full Answer )
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How do you crack your iPhone user password?

\nIf you are referring to the 4 digit pass code then you can not crack it, the only way to get around it if you cannot figure out what it is would be to restore the iphone
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How do you repair a Apple iPhone screen that is cracked?

Dont try it by yourself. to replace the screen ,you need lots of experience. many of my customers lost their phones because they tried to repair by themselves. they just follo ( Full Answer )
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How do you fix a cracked iPhone screen?

There are lots of repair businesses who will repair cracked iPhone screens for a fee (about $50+). Google to find one in your area. Apple usually will not repair it because it ( Full Answer )
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How do you create an Apple iPhone app?

It's actually pretty easy to do, and many people are learning to create iphone apps for extra money. Even kids as young as nine years old have created successful iphone apps. ( Full Answer )
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Your iPhone is stuck on the apple screen?

First of all you need to know whats version do you have in your device. After that watch some guide videos on you tube. Do not watch old videos because it wont be helpful or p ( Full Answer )
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Can you buy an Apple iPhone outright?

You can buy an Apple iPhone without a contract and without activation for a considerably higher amount (just like any other cell phone). The iPhone requires activation in ord ( Full Answer )
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How do you fix a crack on an iPhone screen?

The screen will need to be replaced. A do it yourself kit can beordered but the screen can be tricky to be changed. Unless thephone is almost new, it can sometimes be almost a ( Full Answer )
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Did apple fix the iPhone 4?

If by "fix the iPhone 4" you mean fix the problem with the antenna and people putting their gig
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Which components does the Apple iPhone use?

All iPhone component are made in China. they are from a factory called foxcom. Other iPhone component may be fake or not in good quality.
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When did apple first came out with you iPhone?

The very first iPhone knows as "iPhone" (without numbers after it) was released to the public in 2007. Apple spent around 3 years designing it.
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Why is the emblem on an iPhone an apple?

The iPhone is designed by a company based in California called Apple. Apple was originally named apple in the 1970's because Isaac Newton discoverd gravity when an apple fell ( Full Answer )
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What is a cracked iPhone?

A "cracked iPhone" could either be an iPhone with a cracked screen. Or a, as more commonly called, "jailbroken iPhone".
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When was the Apple iPhone in stores?

I would have to say the iPhone came out in 2008. After the presentation, Apple releases it in their stores.
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Did apple make an iPhone 2g?

Yes. The first iPhone, released from June 2007-June 2008 used a 2G network to make phone calls and access data. However, it was simply called the iPhone, not the iPhone 2G.
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Where can you buy iphone apple products?

I usually get familiar with the product first. I go to stores like Best Buy, and some Walmarts now have cellular service, then I shop online once I know exactly what I want.
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Is iPhone a product of apple?

Of Course, AT&T and Verizon are some different phone service providers that you can choose from to give you Telephone, Texting, and Internet.
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What networks do apple iPhones work on?

Apple iPhones currently work on the following networks: Verizon Wireless and AT&T. However, there are plans for expanding the number of networks users will be able to use thei ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if the back of your iPhone is cracked?

If you've got your phone covered by either mobile or home contents insurance, then contact your insurer and see if they will help. If not you will need to take it to a repair ( Full Answer )
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When was Apple iPhone invented?

As with most inventions, it evolved gradually. The original planswere unveiled in 2004, but the phone itself was not released to thepublic until 2007.
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How do you charge an Apple iPhone 3GS?

With the USB charger supplied with the phone. Then use this either through a laptop or pc, or a USB mains adapter :) One end is a rectangle shape with a number of pins and t ( Full Answer )
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Will an iPhone crack with a screen protector?

No - the screen protector is usually a just thin film of plastic with a light adhesive coating on one side. It shouldn't damage the screen in any way. I've been using screen-p ( Full Answer )
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Can you color a black cracked iPhone?

No. If you would like to color a black one suggest a bright neon colors because then it would look really cool.