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Should an insurance company charge extra for adding another vehicle?

\n. \n Answer 1 \n. \nOf course. They are insuring another vehicle. The second vehicle doubles the insurance company's exposure.\n. \n. \n Answer 2 \n. \nThe ( Full Answer )

Why do satellite cable TV charge extra for HDTV?

HDTV has demanded a great deal of investment by content producers and broadcasters. Studios, transmission suites, archiving, cable and satellite services have all seen increas ( Full Answer )
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How much does it cost for an extra receiver for dish network?

If you are referring to the monthly cost it would be dependent upon what type of receiver for example; high definition or standard definition, DVR capability or no DVR, single ( Full Answer )
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What can you do with old dish network dish?

You can sell it on eBay or keep it. There are people who are looking for satellite dish. We do not require your to return the dish from you abode. If you move, we bring out ( Full Answer )
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How would you charge to lay cable in an office network with 100 computers?

I work for a large Network Services company in Utah and whenever we estimate a project we charge by the cable drop also known as the cable location. Price varies obviously dep ( Full Answer )
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Does HDMI cable fit in dish network box?

To use an HDMI cable for your receiver, you need a VIP receiver.. Each of these receivers have an HDMI port you can use to connect to your TV. You also need HD programming to ( Full Answer )
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How do you aim a dish network dish?

best is by a technician. if you know about pointing a dish and know the satellites your wanting to get, you can use enter your address. and then the satellites ( Full Answer )
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Can a landlord charge for the use of a dish network?

yes. your landlord owns the apartment where you are living. however, it is better to ask them if they are using dish network satellite tv service. if they are using it, i sugg ( Full Answer )
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How long is a dish network box?

The dimensions of a receiver vary based on the model. Most of the receiver models have a width between 13" and 16"
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How do you hook up to your dish network box?

Depending upon the receiver you have, you can use a coax, RCA, component, or HDMI cable to connect from the receiver to your TV - coax has the lowest quality picture with HDMI ( Full Answer )
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How do you program a bigmatters jumbo remot to dish network box?

Here are instructions on manually programming the remote. Turn on the device you want to program. Aim the remote control at the device and press and hold CODE SEARCH but ( Full Answer )
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How much does dish network charge for a channel?

Is there a specific channel you are looking for? DISH Network does have a few channels A La Carte. The channels that we have available A La Carte would be, Baby TV, RFD-TV, Fo ( Full Answer )
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What kind of cable is need to copy programs from a DVR dish network to a compute?

It's not possible. The receiver is formatted in a way where it's not transferable between devices. You can put all of your dvr recordings onto a external hard drive, however. ( Full Answer )
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How do you add annother tv to a dish network box?

Depends which connections you would like to do. In most cases you are unable to use multiple component or HDMI connections at the same time. In this case, your only option wou ( Full Answer )
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Why should you get Dish Network instead of cable?

There are pros and cons to having Dish and for having cable. Cable does not have as many channels to choose from or DVR. But, during storms Dish goes out a lot.
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Would switching to dish network lower your cable bill?

Switching to dish network could lower your bill, however it could also lead to a loss of quality service depending on the dish quality in your area. If you are looking to lowe ( Full Answer )
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What are the pros and cons for cable network vs sky dish?

The price is approximately the same for cable network and for sky dish. Sky dish offers some excellent features that are not found in cable such as greater parental control an ( Full Answer )
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What are the differences between a satellite dish and a cable box?

Cable boxes connect to cable systems, which are wires strung both above and underground. Satellite dishes are located on one's roof or in another area with unimpeded access to ( Full Answer )
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Do you need to have a HD Dish Network boxes hooked up to the internet?

It is not required to connect the HD receiver to the internet, however connecting it to the internet provides additional bonus features. Some of these features are access to O ( Full Answer )