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Do you get college benefits if you get a general discharge and served in Iraq as a veteran and completed 4 years of an active duty contract when the enlistment was for 4 years?

Answer . \nFrom what I understand you could at least get the g.i. bill as long as you didn't get a bad discharge. There are also a lot of other grants and loans that you co ( Full Answer )
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Why does the President only serve for 4 years?

The original reason was to keep the president from accumilating too much power. The founding fathers did not want the president to have the power of a king. i thimk it should ( Full Answer )
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Can you retire from the Air Force with 16 years of service?

20 Years is the minimum for retirement. There may be certain special cases that get retired sooner like medical retirement but it rarely ever happens.. 20 Years is the minimu ( Full Answer )
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Can my 16 year old daughter serve alcohol at work?

No, in most states it is illegal for a minor to touch\carry alcohol or tobacco. If you daughter is serving alcohol it is the supervisors fault, not hers.
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Will forearm tattoos e.g. sleeves prohibit me from serving in the US Air Force or Reserve or Air National Guard?

Yes. Recently the services have been cracking down on new enlistees with massive tattoos. The Coast Guard, Marines, and Air Force have the strictest requirements; and the Army ( Full Answer )
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In what year did the Air Force Academy open?

The academy was established in 1954 , and the first class (class of 1959) was sworn in on July 11, 1955 . The pemanent campus located near Colorado Springs, Colorado, opened ( Full Answer )
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What year was the first air craft used by the air force?

The official day the United States Air Corps separated from the Army would be the year, 1947. The Air Corps had been flying with the army since flight was available to the U.S ( Full Answer )
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Which presidents served exactly 4 years?

John Adams, John Q. Adams, Van Buren, Polk, Pierce, Buchanan, Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, Taft, Carter and George H. W. Bush all served for exactly four years.
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What are Air force reserve requirements?

Age 17- 34 Good moral standing Good physical condition (i.e. no history of asthma, diabetes, respiratory problems, muscular dystrophy etc)
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What president served 4 years?

All of the Presidents served for four or more years, except Wm. Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, Chester Alan Arth ( Full Answer )
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Can you go from air force active duty to air force reserve?

Yes. With the installation of new programs, the Air Force is able to switch any airman that wishes to crossover to any other service from any other service component. This in ( Full Answer )
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Can you get out of the air force reserves if you are pregnant?

Yes. In accordance with DOD Directive 1332.14. You submit a letter to your commander requesting a pregnancy dischage. You generally have to provide a doctor's written document ( Full Answer )
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Can you force a 16 year old to attend school?

Technically you cant force anyone to do anything, but if you are under 18 it is the law that you must be in school until you graduate.
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What is the difference between the air force and the air force reserve?

If you join the regular Air force you serve for 4 years after Basic training. If you join the reserves, you go to Basic training and then to go home and attend meetings and tr ( Full Answer )
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Can you be in both the Air Forces Reserves and Air Force Academy?

No. Air Force Academy Cadets are in the Active Duty Air Force. Going to college is their full time job, and as such holding any outside job is actually against the rules of th ( Full Answer )
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Why does the president of the US serve for 4 years?

The presidential term of four years was set by the original US Constitution which the states ratified when they joined together to create the United States. The original con ( Full Answer )
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How much is e-7 army retired pension with 22 years active duty?

The United State's military pay and allowances are distributed on the 1st and 15th day of the month. If the 1st or 15th fall on a weekend or national holiday, payment will be ( Full Answer )
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Can 16 year olds take force factor protein?

Yes, they can. But they or anyone should only take how much it reccomends use of more can possibly not work or cause damage to the muscles.
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Is air force reserve considered active duty?

Only if you get assigned to an AGR slot or are activated on orders (such as Title 10). If you're only doing monthly UTAs and your Annual Training, you're not on active duty - ( Full Answer )