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Can you get pregnant if you have been using the pill correctly every day but forgot to take it one night and took it in the morning instead and had sex the day after your period ended?

Its difficult to say. There is always a possibility of pregnancy especially if you experienced break through ovulation while on the BCP or the dosage isn't strong enough for y ( Full Answer )
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What are the chances my girlfriend is pregnant if her period started on June 29th and we had protected sex with a condom that did not rip on July 8th and now her breasts are swollen and she is moody?

Answer . It's extremely normal for a woman's breast to swell before her period. Her moodiness comes with the pre-menstral portion. She is ovulating. I wouldn't worry ab ( Full Answer )
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Can you be pregnant if you took the morning after pill and the condom was stuck inside you it jsut came out Thursday 4 days after you had sex but you did take Plan b the day you had sex?

Answer . \nThe morning after pill isn't 100% effective and if even one sperm got inside of you, you could get pregnant, you just have to wait and see if you miss a period. ( Full Answer )
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If you had unprotected sex and took the morning-after pill the next day and are also on the pill and had your period two weeks later can you assume you're not pregnant?

Yeah, pretty much . If you are conscientious about taking the pill, taking the morning-after pill was probably unnecessary. The pill is a very effective BC method, althoug ( Full Answer )
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Could you be pregnant if you had unprotected sex but took the morning after pill two days later?

Answer . I believe the morning after pill can be taken up to 72 hours after intercouse and still be effective. It is MORE effective the sooner you take it. I've heard you ( Full Answer )
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If you had unprotected sex and took a morning after pill two days later then you missed a normal pill and had unprotected sex and then started your period could you still be pregnant?

Answer \nHi. I hope you are OK. My initial reaction is that if you are having a period then no, you aren't pregnant, but I would suggest you go here http://www.plannedparent ( Full Answer )
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You had unprotected sex on Thursday then took the morning after pill then had unprotected sex again the next Wednesday am you pregnant?

pregnancy query! . The morning after pill doesn't last for a whole week (I don't think) so you should not take any risks and not take it after having the sex the second tim ( Full Answer )
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I had unprotected sex on may and i was having symptoms of pregnancy weeks after...but now its June and my period showed up could i still be pregnant?

Answer . hi. its happen to me the same as u, i though i was pregancy and brough pregancy test to see the result. there is no sign. so few week later that my period show up ( Full Answer )
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Could you be pregnant if you are on the pill but regularly miss pills then took the pill for deffinate two days then had sex using a condom but took it every day for a 3 weeks afterwards?

Answer . yes, you need to be on the pill steady for atleast one month without missing pills for it to have a full effect. The fact that it was protected sex will lower the ( Full Answer )
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Im on birth control and have never missed a pill can you get pregnant still by having unprotected sex not wearing a condom?

Answer . Several factors can cause failure of the pill. These include vomiting or diarrhea (preventing absorption), antibiotic use, missing pills, etc. Even when the pill ( Full Answer )
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You took the morning after pill 48 hours after sex not with husband with your ex You have just found out you are pregnant but you husband was told he can't have kids 14yrs ago. Who could be the father?

So let me get this strait you took the pill after cheating have not cheated since but are still preggo. Did the pill work? That should be pretty obvious if it did but if it ( Full Answer )
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You had a safe sex using condom but unfortunately that broke and last part remain in your vagina you come out after 2 days you took morning after pill within 24 hours is there chance of being pregnant?

in any unprotected sex there is a small chance of being pregnant but you took the pill within the first 24 hours which puts your chance at the pill being 95% effectve the pill ( Full Answer )
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You took the morning after pill 2 months ago you got your period when expected but your second period is late you had protected sex twice since you took the pil so its not likely im pregnant is it the?

We can't tell how likely this is - we don't know how well protected you were. Likely or not, the way to find out is to take a pregnancy test. If it's negative, take another ( Full Answer )
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If using a condom during sex can you get pregnant?

No form mechanical or chemical contraception for normal intercourse is 100% foolproof. Asking such a question reveals a lack of knowledge about procreation. If you do not know ( Full Answer )
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You had unprotected sex on mon morning how after will you know im pregnant?

You might not be pregnant. You need to figure out if Monday was mid-way between your periods. If it was, you could be pregnant. Women usually think they might be pregnant when ( Full Answer )
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How effective is the morning after pill if you had unprotected sex while on your period and took the morning after pill 36 hours after sex Will you be pregnant?

Depending on your morning after pill they are effective within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. Obviously the sooner you take it the more effective it is, the later in that ( Full Answer )
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How can a male and female have natural sex and the female will not get pregnant without using pills or condom?

There is no 100% sure way so you do risk pregnancy but she can go to a doctor and get tested to see when she ovulates every month. But safe periods aren't really safe but that ( Full Answer )
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Your girlfriend had her period on may 19th -25th you had unprotected sex after that now shes pregnant and its June 19th However she had a one night stand on may 9th are you the father?

umm... if she had a period at the end of may and her 1 night stand was on the 9th of may... it looks like you are the father, as long as she hasn't slept with anyone else from ( Full Answer )
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You had a period on June 15th and sex on June 26 and also on July 2nd when did you get pregnant?

you could have got pregnant on June 28, 2009 sperm lives 72hours and if your period started on the 15th start counting from that day up to the 28 that gives you the 14th day ( Full Answer )
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About three weeks ago i had unprotected sex i didnt take the morning afterpill and im very worried im pregnant - im only 15 and i need and want to know the symptoms i could be having now Thankyou?

well kiddo i don think you are pregnant..but to make sure you can go to any pharmacy and get the pregnancy strips to check.. its very easy. and safe..just you need to dip the ( Full Answer )
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If your conception date is sep 20th 2009 and your due date is June 13th 2010 and you had unprotected sex and he didnt come inside aug 19th 2009 could he be the father?

Your due date is 40 weeks from the first day of your last period, presuming that is 2 wks before conception date would be Sept 6th 2009. If you are asking if you could have fa ( Full Answer )
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Can a girl get pregnant taking the morning after pill after sex?

Yes. No method of birth control is 100% effective except abstinence. The morning after pill has a very high success rate, but, it's not 100% perfect. It will not protect again ( Full Answer )
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Do i need to use condoms i have been on my birth control pill for just 7 days so it is now classed as effective I however had unprotected sex when it wasn't so had to take the morning after pill?

No offense your stupid. You should use both, neither of them are 100% effective and its always a good idea to use both. i can say when only using condoms once it broke on me a ( Full Answer )