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Do headphones come with the new Apple iPhones?

Yes they do: \n. Stereo Headset . Superior sound quality and fit, featuring a microphone with a windscreen and a control button.. If you need to know what all eles come ( Full Answer )
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Your ipod only plays out of one headphone?

My suggestion is get new earphones, but if you have tried other earphones and it still hasn't worked then you should go to best buy or somewhere that would know things about i ( Full Answer )
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Where do you buy apple iPod headphones?

From an apple store or online. of course you could always get them on ebay, but don't always trust that they are genuine apple head phones :)
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What year did apple make the ipod?

Well the first ipod to come out was in 2001. This ipod only held five GB holding less data then the newer versions. The first ipod had a black and white screen instead of high ( Full Answer )
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I have an ipod with the headphone jack broken off into the ipod headphone jack any ideas of getting it out?

Depends on how adventurous you're feeling... . Option 1: Have it serviced by a qualified technician. If you don't care about voiding the warranty, a local electronics repair ( Full Answer )
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How do you turn off an 8gb apple iPod?

you have to hold down the lock key...if its an ipod touch...but if it is a ipod nano i don know...try to charge it then it should turn on! ☺
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Are Apple iPods only made in the US?

All iPods are designed in California and assembled in China. They are sold all around the world.
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Will apple replace a wet ipod touch?

Dropping a ipod in water is not covered in apple's warranty so if they find that the problem with the ipod is due to water they won't replace it
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What does the remote on the Apple headphones do?

With the plus and minus button, yo can adjust the volume. The button in the center pairs the song. And if you push the center button twice quickly, you can skip songs.
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Why do apple headphones not stay in?

because they make it that way and the are cheep head phones and they make you want to by there more expensive ones that they sell
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Where to get the snap apples?

you can only get the snap apples if you have a membership because you go to the port there will be a sign saying super seedes click on it the click on snap apple then BUY IT!
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Why is iPod such an apple?

cuz sahajpal has it And i did theri maa And yeah, because YOU FANCY HUH>?
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Where do you get snap apples?

You have to be a moshi-member. You can then go to super seeds in your garden and buy them.
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Is Apple the only brand that makes Ipods?

As for iPods, Yes. But there are many other companies that make MP3 players, the difference is that a MP3 player is just for music, where ipods can multi-task.
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Do apple headphones have a mic?

ok but does the mic let u take calls on 3gs? cause my phone sound is messed up when i call someone i can hear them but they cant hear me so would getting apple in ear headphon ( Full Answer )
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Are apple headphones waterproof?

Actually, they are waterproof. I accidentally had mines go throughthe washer and the dryer and they shockingly came out still fullyfunctional.
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Are Beats by Dr. Dre headphones made by Apple?

No, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones aren't and never were made by Apple. Apple sells Beats by Dr. Dre headphones but that is all. Monster used to manufacture Beats by Dr. Dre head ( Full Answer )
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Is apple the only brand for ipods?

Really? Is this a real question? iPod is a brand name from Apple. Do you mean: Is there any other brands of MP3 players? The answer to both of these questions is yes.
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Can you talk in calls with apple in ear headphones Iphone 3gs?

THIS ISNT THE ANSWER SO PEOPLE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT IS --- but im saying that my iphone 3gs internal mic is messed up when i talk on calls no one can hear me but i can hear ( Full Answer )
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How long is the warranty on an Apple ipod?

An Apple iPod is covered for one year by warranty. One can also purchase an extended warranty for 2 years, but only if the extension is purchased during the time frame of the ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase Apple iPod headphones?

Apple iPod headphones can be purchased at your regional Apple store. Alternatively, this product can also be purchased, for example, at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, or Amazon.
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Where can one get an Apple iPod 8gb?

To buy an Apple iPod 8gb you can either walk into the apple store located in various shopping malls or you can also order them online. Amazon, ebay best buy will be great site ( Full Answer )
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Why is my headphone jack only playing out of one ear?

It isn't the jack. The most common problem like this for headphones and ear buds is a stretched cord on the side that no longer works. Either the wire is broken inside the ins ( Full Answer )
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Why is Apple doing away with the headphone jack in the iPhone 7?

There are a couple of reasons, the main one being waterproofing.The iPhone 7 is supposed to be much more water resistant thanprevious models. By taking away ports, they are ab ( Full Answer )