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Can you feed a baby mouse milk?

Yes, but only mouse formula or baby rabbit formula, you must also have an eye dropper.
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Can breast milk come back after you stop breast feeding?

Yes. This happened to me. I stopped breast feeding and a month later when my husband and I were having sex, Breast milk started flowing again. I believe it was due to my hormo ( Full Answer )
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Can you feed a baby coconut milk?

For a baby under 12 months, no. For a toddler age 12 months, a very small amount is OK on occasion. However, coconut milk should not be the child's main source of hydrati ( Full Answer )
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When do you espress breast milk when you want to combine breast feeding with feeding your baby with expressed milk?

You need to express breast milk between feedings when the baby will not be nursing. For example, if your baby feeds every 4 hours, you can manually express or pump milk 2 hour ( Full Answer )
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Do sheep feed milk to there babies?

Yes but if the mother does not take to the baby lamb it is also recommended that when u start feeding ur lamb urself the u put a egg yolk only in the milk for the first few da ( Full Answer )
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At what age do stop breast feeding a baby?

7 years:. The anthropologically normal age to stop breastfeeding is round about age 7. Hence the phrase "milk teeth" and the fact that children start to loose their milk teet ( Full Answer )
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When do you stop feed your puppy their mommy milk?

\nNormally, the mother will stop providing them the milk, or the puppies will stop attempting to drink the milk. It's best to get them to drink it for as long as possible till ( Full Answer )
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When can you feed human babies milk?

It depends on your current location, availability of certain places, enthusiasm to feed babies, the method of feeding, the condition of the human babies, your mode of transpor ( Full Answer )
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How do pigeons feed their baby milk?

Pigeons are birds, and birds do not provide the same sort of milkfor their young as mammals do. Some birds are fed on specialsecretions from the parent birds' crop, and these ( Full Answer )
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Do alligators feed its babies milk?

Alligators are not mammals and do not have mammary glands. Theycannot produce milk for their young. Only mammals do that. Babyalligators eat a similar diet to adults, only in ( Full Answer )
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What age do you stop feeding baby ducks?

Farm ducks need feed everyday. Domestic ducks are dependent on the feed a farmer provides and only supplement their feed on a pond and around the yard. You do not "stop" feedi ( Full Answer )
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How do dolphins feed their babies milk?

Dolphins do not have protruding mammary glands like most othermammals, but they nurse for two to three years. The mother'snipples are hidden in slits along her belly. The baby ( Full Answer )
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Do dogs feed their babies milk?

Yes they do when thay are born the mother feed them the milk from her(nipples) yep that's all!
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When can the cat's stop feeding their babies?

A Mother cat would normally stop feeding their kittens around 6-8 weeks after giving birth to them, the mother cat would stop feeding them and start to push them off because t ( Full Answer )
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Can feeding your baby Pepsi be harmful?

I dont know but I just fed my sister some an hour ago and nothing happened so No. :) But My sister is turning 1 on the 26 of April this year ( 2012 )
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You want your husband to suck milk during love making?

After a mother gives birth and can have sexual relations with her husband again it is not uncommon for a woman to want her husband (as foreplay) to suck milk from her breast a ( Full Answer )
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I am breast feeding but i have stopped producing as much milk?

Many different factors can effect the production of breast milk ranging from the latch of the baby, mothers diet, stress, environment, frequency of feedings/pumping, as well a ( Full Answer )
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When does rabbits mum stop feeding baby rabbits?

A mother rabbit will feed her babies until a new litter is born or her teats get sore, she will run and hide from her babies as they get too big.
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Can you feed a baby bunny milk?

It really depends on what bunny, theirs wild bunnies and home pets. If you have a home serve bunny then it would be O.K to feed it milk, wildly NO you shouldn't be coming up t ( Full Answer )
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When should you stop breast feeding your baby?

The simple truth is that the best way for a mother to nourish her child is by breast feeding. This is an undisputed medical fact. By breast feeding, a mother not only feeds he ( Full Answer )
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Can you feed a baby pigeon milk?

No. The milk-like substance produced by pigeons is different fromhuman milk. Pigeons do not make milk. Pigeons are birds, and birds do notprovide milk for their young. Some b ( Full Answer )
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When do rabbits stop feeding their babies?

Sometimes the mother will choose when. Most times she will stop between 5 to 8 weeks of age. But you can tell when she doesn't allow them to feed anymore.
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How do you stop feeding raccoons. I have three dependent raccoons and want to wean them off my backyard feeding. Because it is spring I want to wean them off now. How fast can I do this?

How they are weaned and how long it will take hinges on their level of dependence, their age, the type of food you are providing etc. Racoons that are feeding opportunistical ( Full Answer )
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Does a tiger feed its babies milk?

yes they do tigers are mammals so they have breast feed them for the few of there life
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Does a tiger feed their babies milk?

yes the tiger feeds its young milk until they are able to eat the food that their parents eat it feeds it everysingle day for some milk
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Is it proper for a year old baby to stop breast feeding?

Yes. Many women have to stop sooner than that because they have no more milk. It's most important the first 6 months. By now the baby can eat other things.