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Can your girlfriend be pregnant after 7 months of sex if she had regular periods all these days but not this month?

Answer . Seven months is a long time to have sex, how do you last? Haha. But on the serious side, I think what you're saying is..\nYou two have had sex together for 7 month ( Full Answer )
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Could you be pregnant if you had your period the month after you had safe sex but you haven't had it for 2 months since?

Answer . If it was safe sex and you did have your period afterward, then your 2 month break between periods is probably a fluke. It happens for various reasons; stress, cha ( Full Answer )
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If you had a sex jus before your period at the beginning of the month then the day after your period and then come on again that same month for just 2days and then have sex after that and be pregnant?

Dear Reader; Fertility is usually around 14 days after a period plus or minus a couple days. If it was around then maybe the answer is yes. If you are not married another form ( Full Answer )
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Do you get pregnant if you had protected sex a day before your period was supposed to start but then the period never came for weeks Also it had been a seven months since the last sex?

Ok first of all, when in doubt just spend a few dollars and get a home pregnancy test...use it only after your missed period!!! Ok now lets talk about 7 months ago, if you had ( Full Answer )
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Is sex between husband wife probihited during in month of muharram?

There is no restriction on marital relations during Muharram.. It is keeping the Hurmat and Respecting the days of Shahaadat (marytrdom) of Imaam Husain (as) that one should ( Full Answer )
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Your wife is 1.5 months pregnant but she smokes 1 cigarette a day is it ok for the baby?

NO!!!! Smoking is bad for her health and your fetus inside of her is so much more vulnerable than she is. I will try to help you out and find some links for you to look at and ( Full Answer )
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Why couln't i become pregnant last month i had unprotected sex?

Most women get pregnant mid-way between their periods. You might have had sex when you weren't ovalating. Or, there might be something medical that prevented the pregnancy. So ( Full Answer )
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If you have unprotected sex a week before the end of the month can i be pregnant?

If you have unprotected sex at any time you are at risk of becoming pregnant. In addition, contrary to popular belief, there is the possibility you can become pregnant even wh ( Full Answer )
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I'm 3 months pregnant and had sex. Is it ok?

Yes. You can have as much sex as you want when your pregnant unless your doctor has a reason why you shouldn't. The baby is safe although later in the pregnancy you may want t ( Full Answer )
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Can you get pregnant 4 months after sex?

No, sperm lives on in the body only for a few hours to a couple of days. This is not the same as discovering you are pregnant 4 months after sex: That is possible, although n ( Full Answer )
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You got married now you have no knowledge about sex so how can you make your wife pregnant?

Why rush the pregnancy? Learn how you both can enjoy sex first and how to satisfy each other. Making a baby is not that hard. All it takes is intercourse. I suggest you go to ( Full Answer )
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Can you be pregnant if you were off the shots for a month and had unprotected sex?

im not sure im wondering the same thing. me and my b.f decided together that the depo shot made me realy moody and hateful so i got off it after one shot. no period yet. i rea ( Full Answer )
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Can a seven month old bitch get pregnant?

Yes. I have a Lhasa Apso that is seven months old has given birth to her first pup. She had a litter of three pups,but two of them died. The one surviving guy seems to be heal ( Full Answer )
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If you approach your wife for sex she says no and this has been happening for eight months could she be cheating?

It depends on individual, but there's no details about your marriage, did she ever betrayed you before? If not how about how she feels as a wife and a woman. Did you ever made ( Full Answer )
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Is it possible to bleed after sex during 2 months pregnant?

During the first 3 months of pregnancy "slight" bleeding once or twice is not uncommon. However during sex and especially if it is painful I would see a doctor and ask this qu ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a wife pregnant within a month?

You can not hasten the pregnancy that way. You can have sex, may bedaily. But it does not guarantee that pregnancy will take placewith in a month. Ovulation occurs once only i ( Full Answer )
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Can you tell the sex of a 3 month pregnant woman?

You can tell the sex of the woman at any time (female), but the sexof the baby can be determined usually around 16-20 weeks into thepregnancy, or 4-5 months.