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What kind of lava is AA?

A'a is one of two types of flow of basaltic (mafic) lava. A'a is the more viscous of the two and is usually somewhat cooler than the other variety, pahoehoe. A'a forms a surface of jagged rock fragments as it… Full Answer

Who tall is AA volcano?

A'a is not a kind of volcano. A'a is a texture that a lava flow can take on, characterized by a surface covered in sharp fragments. There is no particular height to the lava flow, or height of volcano from… Full Answer

Does kilauea have pahoehoe or AAA lava?

Kilauea produced both pahoehoe and a'a. These terms refer to the texture that a basaltic lava flow can take on and do not mean a difference in composition. Ofteb Kilauea's lava starts out as pahoehoe and becomes a'a as it… Full Answer

Is a composite volcano made of Aa lava?

No. If a'a is present it will usually be only a minor portion of the volcano. A'a and pahoehoe are low-viscosity lavas with a low silica content They are usually found in shield volcanoes. A composite volcano is usually primarily… Full Answer