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How do you talk to a spouse after they have left?

Very difficult question, but I will try and answer it. There is only one person in this world that you have, you are born alone and you will die alone, only you can go through ( Full Answer )
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I don't like my spouse talking about his ex?

Answer . You could politely tell him how you feel and if he doesn't like that then you will have to decide what is best for you.
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Your spouse has cut you off all money?

There are some underlying problems with this issue. We aren't seeing the why of the action, so can't say if the action is good or bad. Certainly, if he was able to take you of ( Full Answer )
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How can you talk to your spirit guide?

You can talk to your spirit guide by starting to ask spirit questions that aren't too personal, and can be answered by Yes or No. They may be accompanied by physical sensati ( Full Answer )
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Does anyone have a good money making guide?

yes.and this is how :o keep your socks on oh yeah mining i suugest mining iron 1k or coal 500 a day will get u 100k for 1 of those both of them 1k iron and 500 coal is ( Full Answer )
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How often should spouse talk to friends of opposite sex?

In my family we make no difference whether our friends are male or female - they are friends and nothing else. We speak to them as often as we please. You need more trust in y ( Full Answer )
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Should I leave my spouse over money?

Leaving one's spouse should not be undertaken lightly. Monetarycircumstances may change, but a marriage represents a commitment.Unless there is no other way to resolve the dif ( Full Answer )
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How much money does a fishing guide make?

This is an international website - if you resubmit this question with a country / state / province / area indicated, your odds of getting a "good answer" are much higher. Ju ( Full Answer )
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How do you talk so your spouse will listen?

Answer Your spouce isn't a dog and can't be forced t listen. However you have another method of recourse. Whatever it is that you want to say can be written down, don't point ( Full Answer )
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If I loaned someone money can their spouse deduct money from the balance that you them for money that I owe the spouse?

It sounds like finances have gotten a little complex, here. I can see an issue where if you pay back the money to one spouse without the knowledge of the other, you may not ge ( Full Answer )
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Can you sue your spouse for stealing money?

You can sue your spouse for stealing money, but not if it is out ofa joint account. The very nature of a joint account allows bothpartners to access money. However, if there i ( Full Answer )
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Can a spouse get money for cheating?

Are you talking about blackmail? If your husband or wife had an affair and you knew about it you can't really get some money for that. It will look as your getting revenge to ( Full Answer )
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What is the best money guide for kids?

Check Dave Ramsey's site. It teaches kids and teens about financial responsibilty, how to stay out of debt and has lots of useful nuggets for adults as well. Highly recommend ( Full Answer )
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When you and your spouse are not talking?

try to work it out. but if you don't wanna talk to him or her then try writing notes. :) ANSWER: If I don't know better I will think that it was me who ask this question. W ( Full Answer )
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Can you sue your spouse over money?

Yes you can sue your spouse over money, that is if he is not giving you money properly, or if he is waisting it on drinks, gambling , and sex.
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Runescape money making guide for members?

There are many ways to make money in Runescape, I'll list a few: -Members- - Merchanting at Grand Exchange - Flax Picking ( At Seers Village ) - Bow Strings - Minin ( Full Answer )
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Is a spouse entitled to settlement money?

Depends on the situation. Is there any adultry, abuse or have you moved out of the home or your spouse?
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How much money can a chacha guide make?

Depending on the guide role, a ChaCha guide (or independent contractor) can make anywhere from 0.02 cents to 0.20 cents per query. Expeditor's generally make 0.02 cents per qu ( Full Answer )
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Guides about forex and forex money?

Assuming the question is about forex trading, there are basiccourses available to learn about basic terminology. such as pips,bid, ask, spread, lot size, etc. There is also a ( Full Answer )
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Are World of Warcraft money guides scams?

That depends on your definition of a scam. Certainly a lot of information in such guides will be common sense, like "pick up everything and sell grey items" or tips on gath ( Full Answer )
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Can they take money from a spouse for child support?

They sure can. If you have the child over 50% of the time, the parent can be required to pay child support. Go down to your local family court and ask how you do it.
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Which is the best online guide to investing money?

The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money and Investing. It is far and away the best beginning level investment book that I have ever seen. Even the best financial ( Full Answer )
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What is a good guide for how to get money for free?

There are many guides on getting money for free. However, good guides are harder to find. Max's Mad Money is the best and most reputable source for making money for free.
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How do Scottish Girl Guides raise money?

Girl Guides Scotland are part of Girl Guiding UK. Rather thancompleting money earning projects, Guiding units charge asubscription (subs) that can be paid weekly, monthly, or ( Full Answer )